Do you hide behind your keyboard?

  Z1100 21:28 21 Feb 2007

More and more now I am seeing threads with members going in and 'explaining' a forum rule then leaving the thread having not imparted one sentence of help to the individual in need of help.

Not only but also, others speaking in the stead of the FE, which I find rude.

To be honest this forum is starting to show signs of bullying in my opinion so I just wondered, all you members that fall into these categories, do you hide behind your keyboard?

Would you tell off, or correct anyone in the street where you live or in another team at work, or if someone from another department made a mistake and walked in on your team meeting?

It's sad...


  anskyber 21:39 21 Feb 2007

What you see from me here is what you get in real life. I can get people to sign on here and confirm the point if you wish.

It seems to me that people who post here represent the usual range of characters which can be found in normal life. The site is well policed by the FE and stands well above many of the sites I tried before I settled here. To be honest it's quite tame when compared to other sites.

The important thing for me is to smile at some of the contributions, it's easier. Life is far too serious to be taken seriously (all of the time).

  Bob The Nob© 22:34 21 Feb 2007

I am more conservative here, I try not to give you lots random outbursts of stupid comments.

I've only got annoyed at a couple of threads, one where someone was trying to tell everyone that giving your details out on the net is wrong and that FE shouldn't have let it, when Its my details, and my choice to do with them as I like. :)

There have been a couple of threads I have believed that the content was abusive and I posted telling everyone to calm down as this forum isn't a playground and then contacted FE accordingly.

FE needs other people to help enforce the rules as he isn't quite superman but near enough and without the help of others, some threads would probably turn into a free-for-all as some members here choose to press peoples buttons.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:55 21 Feb 2007

It is obvious tht some people have never bothered to read the rules.

The rules are there for a reason.

1. to help keep the peace and make the forums an enjoyable experience for all.

2. To keep the magazine out of court.

  Kate B 23:27 21 Feb 2007

Z1100, frankly I find your post pretty bossy. I think most people give advice - including the advice to keep to one thread and not post email addresses - in good faith. It's for everyone's benefit.

  wee eddie 00:35 22 Feb 2007

Z1100 - Sometimes it's the rules that make society function

  Forum Editor 00:50 22 Feb 2007

is a microsocosm of society as a whole. We have bossy, assertive people, reticent, conciliatory people, aggressive and spiteful people, and so on.

In short, we're just a normal bunch of slightly geeky computer-using people who communicate on an almost daily basis with others who we don't know, and are unlikely ever to meet in the real world outside these digital walls.

I know that there are some people who take it upon themselves to lay down the law a little from time to time, and I know there are those who find such behaviour extremely irritating - it would be foolish to say otherwise. Sometimes I find it a tad irritating myself, but come on - we're all different, and tolerance is a national trait isn't it?

I get lots of emails telling me about this transgression, or that inappropriate post - it happens on a daily basis. Some people send me their suggestions as to how I should handle a certain situation, and they write to me to tell me I was wrong when I make an editorial decision. All that is the very stuff on forum life, and our daily doings would be dull indeed if we all agreed on everything. Over the years I've hasd disagreements with many regular forum users, and they've expressed themselves pretty forcefully at times. It's to their credit that in the main we've managed to overcome those situations, and carry on with doing what we do here.

Let's not worry too much if someone wants to be a forum police-person. I can see what goes on, and if things get out of hand I have my trusty deleting mouse always at the ready.

  Watchful 07:57 22 Feb 2007

Very well said and after all, if we find some on here too bossy, rude, ridiculous etc. then we can always log out. Unlike in the real world where we sometimes have to tolerate these people.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:01 22 Feb 2007

The problem is that some people think of the net as a cosy world that is different to their real lives. They imagine it is full of like-minded people who continuously back slap and praise each other. These people are under the misguided impression that we are all 'virtual friends' on the Internet which says a lot about their lives and their perception of what the Internet is. I have no problem with people wanting to be involved in a cosseted world on specialized forums but I have a real problem when they start moaning when a public forum gets heated. They have obviously never been to a real debate or planning committee meeting in their lives. If they want a world like this then there are some forums that are like it. However this is the real world and I, for one, will debate in the way that I do at all times. I neevr suffer fools gladly. I never hide behind a keyboard and always post up my website in case people ever doubt that I am here


  silverous 10:47 22 Feb 2007

Shameless plug noted :)

  anskyber 10:55 22 Feb 2007

He does it all the time, I've got used to it now.

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