Do you have a comforter you carry around?

  v1asco 09:05 17 May 2007

Wee Eddies reply to my Water Thread made me think if I have one,and at 55 I must confess I do! thogh never realised it.

It is a brass tag I bought at the Mary Rose Exhibition about 20 yrs ago.

One one side it reads

Nobody is perfect

other side

Except the Captain

Having sailed with a few of these Perfect Captains I found myself carrying it around and rubbing it when I was getting a leture from Captain Perfect.

  The Brigadier 10:05 17 May 2007

Barbour jacket had for 22 years!

  Bingalau 11:17 17 May 2007

Large bottle opener on my key ring which I would be lost without. If I drop the keys anywhere I know immediately by the clatter when the large metal object hits the ground. Does anyone remember those big wooden squares attached to big bunches of keys, which were used in the forces to make sure keys couldn't be lost?

  wee eddie 11:30 17 May 2007

my comforter.

I get panic-struck if I find that I have left the house without it!

  Watchful 11:41 17 May 2007

...about four of them!

  mammak 11:50 17 May 2007

Yes a little teddy with a kilt on that my little girl gave me it hangs on my keyring I cant be with out it his name is Jock and I need to go and grow up lol.

  Kate B 12:00 17 May 2007

No. I'm an adult.

  wee eddie 12:10 17 May 2007

This growing up lark is not all it's cracked-up to be but it come to all of us at some time.

Last night I was in Tesco and met one of the girls (in her mid 20's)from the Aerobics class I used to attend. After a long chat, she asked why I had not been in for a while. I said that at 62 I felt that I was getting a little long in the tooth and anyway I was finding it frustrating not being able to do the High Impact Burn any longer.

That got a snort of derision, she said that about half the class never managed the High Impact bit anyway, so I should not allow that to get in my way. Maybe I should do a Frank Sinatra!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:33 17 May 2007



  wiz-king 13:47 17 May 2007

It has saved my life once, it is a brass disk 1" in diameter that I keep on my keyring. It has a letter and two numbers on it, they are my initial and caving club number. If I get lost underground (at 58 not so lightly now) the disk will let the others know that I have not returned and after the return time they will come looking for me - I hope. I worked once when I was trapped by a sudden flood.

  Stuartli 14:26 17 May 2007

The membership card for my club which is the path to the Guinness on sale at the bar.....

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