Do you hate painting...

  Quickbeam 16:20 25 Jul 2008

I do but I've just found a way to make it easier. After doing the garden decking using one of those low pressure pump sprayers to apply the wood treatment, and a brush to smooth it off, I thought I'd try it with emulsion paint inside.

You pump up the cylinder, spray the emulsion on the walls, and go over it with the brush... No more paint running down your wrist as the bulk of the paint is applied by the sprayer, and the brush is only to work it into the wall texture.

Make sure it's one of the hand pressurised cylinders with a very low pressure otherwise your living room will be like an auto spray booth!

  Clapton is God 16:39 25 Jul 2008

There's an even easier way.

Pay someone else to do it for you.

  interzone55 17:00 25 Jul 2008

I liked Mr Bean's paining technique

Sit the can of paint in the middle of the room, apply a couple of bangers, leave the room quick.

Job done...

  GRIDD 17:16 25 Jul 2008

I actually enjoy re-decorating the house, esp painting, it's relaxing - can't paint on canvass though :( I have to do it in short bursts aswell.... no matter whether the windows and doors are wide to the world my chest gets tight because of the fumes.

  Eargasm 22:07 25 Jul 2008

I hate painting, probably to do with spending 2 hours as an apprentice looking for a bucket of striped paint!

Why is it if someone tells you there are billions of stars in the sky you believe them, but if somebody says that paint is wet, you have to touch it ?

Friday night,so i'm off to make love to the wife ( on the floor) cos she prefers a matt finish!

OK i'll get my coat.........

  Chegs ®™ 06:40 26 Jul 2008

I hate painting as even the "odour free" emulsions give me a stonking headache which makes me very short tempered and results in the paint being practically thrown onto the walls.Stripping old paper is fun though depends where as I found the steam can confuse the smoke detectors and lead to it going off 6" from my ear.

  jack 08:34 26 Jul 2008

I used to do that!
Then we had double glazing in a wood print.-so now an occasional wash off.
We did buy a new three piece last year[We had, the other one 50 years] So I gave the lounge wall a lick of magnolia- before the new stuff came in.
I use to like doing it I recall- Hmm perhaps I'll have a go at a bed room ----one day perhaps ;-}

  Bingalau 09:15 26 Jul 2008

I don't mind the decorating parts so much, but the shifting of furniture and rolling back the carpets etc., is what bugs me.

  crosstrainer 10:29 26 Jul 2008

I really enjoy decorating, but from a "Blank Canvas" All that shifting, removal of carpets etc. Drives me mad. I would sooner buy a new house and start again :)

  spuds 10:30 26 Jul 2008

Painting is sheer bliss. Get a brush and tin of paint, look at job, have a cup of tea, look at can of paint and job, have a cup of tea. It can get very repetitive though.

Very similar I suppose, if you own any oil, pencil, water colour etc paintings. Just look and admire the handiwork ;o)

  Pineman100 15:39 26 Jul 2008

The best part is watching the paint dry.

Which tells you just how awful the rest of it is.

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