Do you find complaining is.....

  spuds 15:43 28 Jul 2011

....easier or harder to do nowadays, and does it resolve the issues that you are complaining about in the first place?.

Contacting some companies by telephone, you may well hear a recorded message that the conversation is being recorded for training purposes. Does this really achieve 'for a better service'?.

The jury is out, what's your verdict?.

  interzone55 16:05 28 Jul 2011

Recording is done for legal reasons, not training purposes, so the company has a record of exactly what was said.

I never complain by telephone to companies, it's really not worth the hassle, but my partner seems to love complaining in shops and restaurants, and it's generally worth it.

We once went to one of those 2 meals for £10 places and her meal was cold, so she complained, and we got the full price of her meal refunded, not the £5 is cost under the deal. Another time we went to the cinema and the lift was broken, so we had to walk up three flights of stairs, as she's registered disabled and has pins in one of her ankles this caused her some discomfort, so she complained to the manager, and we got two free tickets to another film.

  SparkyJack 18:04 28 Jul 2011

There is complaining and ranting. A decently modulated indication of the problem, will always I have learned give a positive result- Organizations are after all just people like you and me and can get things wrong especially if aided by computer systems.

A rant will inevitably I feel get the complainant a negative response.

  Forum Editor 18:54 28 Jul 2011


Nail hit precisely on head.

  SparkyJack 19:51 28 Jul 2011

Tangalooma wrote

I hit the nail on my thumb precisly once, boy did I complain and not decently modulated either

Presumably there fore the response was er somewhat to the negative ;-}

  ams4127 19:58 28 Jul 2011

SparkyJack Precisely, politeness is everything.

  Condom 01:25 29 Jul 2011

I have been complaining to BT for months by telephone and writing and done it most politely and with great detail. Still waiting for any sort of reply. Maybe I will post more of this in another post as I think I now need some advice about hundreds of pounds of new equipment which I seem to be storing long term for them.

  SparkyJack 08:23 29 Jul 2011

Condom wrote some advice about hundreds of pounds of new equipment which I seem to be storing long term for them.

Sounds interesting Tell us more Mind you in organizations that issue stuff-not only tele-coms stuff it is 'written off' as it leaves the depot - the hassle of 'restocking' possibly tampered withi s often not cost effective

Witness the oft voiced complaint about incorrectly issued medication which when returned intact to the issuing pharmacy is simply dumped-including high value items. So generate an invoice for storage and warn if not dealt with the items will be disposed of.

See what happens.

  gengiscant 09:08 29 Jul 2011

Complaining to government bureaucracy is not for the faint hearted, I have an ongoing complaint with DWP which has now reached the Independent Case Examiner,(ICE), which is one step away from the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman,along the whole process so far I have meant with a total lack of professionalism,sense of duty,ignorance,buck passing with no one seemingly unable to give a straight answer to even the simplest question unless it has been discussed untold others.

What I have learned in the 18+ months of this complaint is that so called public bodies believe they are a law unto themselves. I have had to install telephone recording system because people would lie, no other word for it,that they had actually said something over the phone.They have completely disregarded how they should respond under the Data Protection Act 1998,I have had to send all correspondence recorded delivery as I was being told that letters had not been received, or just ignored or take an unreasonable amount of time to respond.

Even now I still get signed for mail still going astray after it has arrived at a particular office, or another favourite is I had addressed my letter to the wrong person and it had been mislaid whilst on route to the right person. I have also been bounced around the country to various offices all staffed with people with long titled job names.

Through all this I have not once lost my temper, I have found the whole experience a pain in the rear. I believe things are done this way in the hope that the complainer will get so sick of the system and give up. Not, me I started this when I was recovering from a rather unpleasant and exhaustive cancer treatment, I am now a lot better and even more determined.

Someone here sometime ago mentioned getting the help of my MP, I did, but ashtrays and motorbikes soon sprang to mind.Totally not interested, not particularly political correct to take on the DWP at the moment,seemingly.

  anchor 09:35 29 Jul 2011

Complaining, (in reasonable terms), can bring results.

However, in my experience you must complain to the appropriate person. Forget customer services, track down the top person, (usually the CEO), and submit your complaint to him/her.

A good source for this information is here:

C.E.O. list

  woodchip 09:44 29 Jul 2011

It either Works or Don't work. Ranting Never Works, only for them to Rant Back. Quote the Law if you know it, this seams to have the most desired Effect

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