Do you drink from a can?Could this worry you?

  jack 09:40 30 Aug 2008

In an occassional bunch of 'Funny mail' that I get from a 'friend' was one referring to Weils desease cntracted by drinking a canned drink.
Is appears that canned drinks stored in warehouses and then shop stockrooms before consumption where there may be a rat infestation, can be contaominated by the rodents running over and urinating on the stock.
Rats urine contains the 'bug' and as a user of the River Thames we were always warned not to enter the water due to risk if infection.

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  version8 09:48 30 Aug 2008

It's possible but highly unlikely.
Normally to get Weils you need to have an open cut that gets directly effected.
Shock warning like this do nothing but get people concerned all for nothing.

  €dstowe 09:57 30 Aug 2008

One of the standard exercises on biology/medical school courses is to swab familiar items and culture/identify the microorganisms found. Some of the items I swabbed were ring pull drinks cans.

I NEVER drink anything from this type of can.

Note that this was in the days when the ring pull normally came away from the can - modern cans where the ring pull dips into the drink are worse, I'm sure.

I understand the modern type of ring pull is to avoid the littering problem of discarded rings.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:02 30 Aug 2008

click here always worth a read at Snopes first before circulating emails.


  €dstowe 10:02 30 Aug 2008

Note: I didn't find Leptospira but I did find lots of other things that I would rather not drink including, on a number of occasions, dandruff flakes.

  €dstowe 10:32 30 Aug 2008

Very little came from my hand as a fundamental part of what I was doing was practicing aseptic technique where the idea is to minimise opportunistic infection resulting from carrying out the work. Also, the cans were unopened.

  jack 10:47 30 Aug 2008

Where I am it is Sunny and hot, I have just come in from the garden where i have picked up yesterdays shrub clippings and mowed the back lawn.
I returned to the shadier part of house to this gloom of this room to catch my breathe and cool a bit and take a peek here.
What are you lot doing indoors?

  Quickbeam 10:48 30 Aug 2008

Don't forget that most cans in warehouses are either in cases or plastic overwrapped for multi-packs, and unless the packs are leaking, there isn't much to attract the rats to those products in the first place.

One of the biggest risks for contracting Weils disease is by angling on river banks.

  spuds 11:31 30 Aug 2008

After a few drinks of Strong Brew or similar, I could consider the drinker wouldn't have the faintest worry about the implications of the outer content of the can or whatever container ;o)

If anyone was to make the time and effort in contacting their local council environmental health department, they may well find that al types of food establishments are a great source for unwanted visitors. I know our local council have virtually weekly appearances in court, when closing down an establishment through hygiene or lack of procedures. Some of these closures (usually temporary) are not just the back street small business venture, but larger 'should know better' establishments as well.

  Forum Editor 11:39 30 Aug 2008

are consumed each day, and as far as I know hospitals are not struggling to cope with an avalanche of infections attributable to drinking from cans. There's probably a greater threat to health from the liquids in the cans than from anything that's on them.

In Italy I like drinking orange-flavoured Pellegrino water which I buy in cans. The cans come with a paper seal which covers the whole of the top, and that seems quite a good idea.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:34 30 Aug 2008

about catching something from the door handle of a public lavatory. And dont even go anywhere near those bowls of free peanuts you sometimes see on bars. (or should that be 'peenuts'?)


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