Do you check your VISA statements carefully

  boots2 16:09 18 May 2008

I keep all my VISA charges & payments on MS Money so when there is an error they stand out.
Last month between 14th and the 9th of this month 75p was added to my bill.
When I contacted my bank they contacted VISA and said VISA had a computer processing problem and for a couple of days, it counted all transactions as if drawing cash so incurring interest charges, they were sorry and would give a refund.
It pays to keep a check on these things it could add up to a lot of money for the banks.

  spuds 17:36 18 May 2008

"It pays to keep a check on these things it could add up to a lot of money for the banks".

Personally I always check out and scrutinise supermarket (whatever company) receipts ;o)

  csqwared 17:57 18 May 2008

I have a phobia about statements in general and check them thoroughly as they arrive (good old MS Money), never found anything wrong yet.....touch wood.

  Totally-braindead 18:31 18 May 2008

Funny you mention supermarkets spuds. Mum bought some messages last week from the COOP and she only usually glances at it but it was dearer than she expected so checked the whole thing. She bought something on offer, you know the sort of thing - buy one get one free, and they had charged full price for both despite the offer being advertised on the shelf and still current.

Unfortunatly due to illness she cannot get back to the store in question for a while but she did phone and explain and they said they will refund her later on when she can get to the store.

  Bingalau 18:41 18 May 2008

My wife and I always check supermarket bills. They seem to have a nasty habit of showing a different price on a different shelf. So that the unwary customer thinks the price is for the better/bigger item etc. It happens too often to be a mistake. We never leave the area of the till until we have checked the receipt matches what we thought we were paying for. (I know I need to get a life).

  laurie53 20:12 18 May 2008

As soon as my wife is through the checkout, before leaving the store, she sits down and checks every item on the bill.

It's an unusual month when we do not have to go to Customer Services at least once.

  belfman 20:28 18 May 2008

"Mum bought some messages"

I haven't heard shopping referred to as that for a long time. I'm now thinking about all those times my own late mum and grandmother used to send me to the shops for their 'messages'. :D

I used to get excited at the thought of keeping the change but alas they had their sums done very accurately and it never netted me more than about 30p. But I was still grateful for it mind you.

  Bingalau 22:10 18 May 2008

I think the first message I went on was for four pennyworth of spuds. I reckon the bag must have been what is now about three kilos, probably weighed more than I did. With 240 pennies to the pound you could buy enough spuds to feed the British Army. Those were the days.

  mammak 22:40 18 May 2008

Strangely enough, I had just mentioned to my partner yesterday, that I noticed a pending transaction on my Visa (online statement)for £1? it stated that it was from mail/phone order? so I will be looking into that.

  Bapou 23:14 18 May 2008

My wife always checks her supermarket bill before leaving the store. It's a rare week for her not to go back to the checkout and point out an over charge on at least one item.

  Blackhat 23:31 18 May 2008

My wife also checks the till receipts at the supermarket each week and usually finds an error. What I find interesting is that amongst just a few of us this seems to be a common occurrence!

If this is symptomatic of supermarket checkouts then there must be millions of pounds per year across the UK over spent in such a way?

Does this get accounted for in the profit/loss sheets of the big companies? Just think about it, add up 30-80p every few checkouts, how many checkouts per day at how many supermarkets times 360 days. This is big money!

Just to add, when I was single I paid all my supermarket bills with a credit card and noticed about 1 in 20 never appeared on my card bill!

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