Do you buy your fuel @ Shell?

  The Brigadier 16:45 10 Jun 2008
  newman35 17:11 10 Jun 2008

Drivers pay is £32k - before overtime!!
And it has been this since 1992?
Are these figures really correct?

  The Brigadier 17:25 10 Jun 2008

Shell will not budge over this it seems and the prospect of their petrol stations running dry during this protest is a distinct possibility.

  interzone55 17:30 10 Jun 2008

tanker drivers used to be the highest paid drivers on the road, but each year their pay has dropped in real terms as it's being equalised with other HGV pay scales.

  Forum Editor 17:33 10 Jun 2008

filled with around 35000 litres of petrol around Britain's roads, and stop off at petrol stations and pump the highly flammable liquid into tanks on the forecourt I might want my pay-packet to reflect the elements of responsibility and danger involved.

  realist 20:15 10 Jun 2008

Gordon Brown's spokesman says "Don't Panic".

That means you can expect queues at petrol filling stations tomorrow.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:05 10 Jun 2008

pull drop tanks fresh off the boat out of hull docks, I had a durn sight more to cope with than these mollycoddled crybabies, and on a whole heck of a lot less money too! Flammables were the easy stuff. I used to dread the toxics, the corrosives and especially the oxidisers. Nasty stuffs included hydrofluoric acid-the only substance known that will eat through glass. Chlorinated biphenol (fatal by inhalation, absorption and ingestion). As for the carbon disulfide out of trafford park, well, lets just not go there. And all in tanks without any anti surge baffles either, unlike road barrels.


  Stuartli 22:43 10 Jun 2008

If the basic pay has not increased over the past 16 years as claimed, then it would hardly seem surprising that the tanker drivers are prepared to go on strike.

  Forum Editor 23:37 10 Jun 2008

is currently paid £38,311:00. It's a responsible job, and the consequences of a mistake are potentially very serious.

London bus drivers are currently seeking a minimum of £30,000:00, for a maximum driving shift of 4.5 hours with at least 11 hours between shifts

I would have thought that a "mollycoddled crybaby" who drives very large quantities of petrol around busy roads is worth at least as much as a tube driver.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:49 10 Jun 2008

anything about tube drivers. I do know tanker driving though. Work at the big fuel distribution companies is difficult to get into, purely because the pay and conditions are so good compared to the rest of the road transport industry. The usual way into these firms is by 'dead mans shoes'.


  gudgulf 23:58 10 Jun 2008

"A London Underground train driver

is currently paid £38,311:00. It's a responsible job, and the consequences of a mistake are potentially very serious."

This is a good deal more than a nurse or (as I am) a Radiographer can earn with many years experience and post graduate qualifications!

I think I'm in the wrong job.

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