Do you buy Online if so how much.?

  Autoschediastic 12:54 27 Aug 2011

Good afternoon everyone,

I have just had delivered my new Gaming mouse and Sennheiser headset, i have needed the two of them for some time but couldn’t justify spending £55 on a mouse and £75 on the headset so before i made my mind up on which mouse and headset i thought was the right one i researched and found the high street stores are as ive stated charging £55 for the mouse and £75 for the headset so i went online and found the headset for £29 which comes with a free game (Ghost Recon 2) which i can sell and get a tenner for so i am realistically getting the headset for a £20????

Then the mouse which was £55 i found for £20 both the mouse and the headset are brand new from trusted se3llers! And i can provide links to prove my points here!

So instead of been charged a total of £130 for 20 minutes of my time looking around i got the two for a price breaking £49 & that’s a HUGE saving on such items & i believe that the Internet in all its glory is itself in a way killing the high street as well as the Economy, I mean the sites that offer these awesome bargains have little overheads compared to the huge retail stores so the saving is clearly passed on to the customer and here is a perfect example so the way in which we shop is bound to change i mean look you don’t have to leave your home now you can shop at Asda/Tescos and get all your shopping fantastic is that for people without a car or people with busy lives/pensioners

One last other fine example is my brother in law bought a new fireblade (Motorbike) and he wanted to kit himself out with decent leathers that matched the bike so he went to a major retail store tried on his size and the colours he liked and instead of paying £350 for the full leathers he bought the exact same one for £260 shop can match these prices. In a fashion its wrong & killing the retail sector i know but in the times we are people are looking for bargains more and more as money is less and less, Should a little common sense and time be used and save you a decent amount or should we just pay more out and support the high street..? What’s your views..

  Pine Man 13:34 27 Aug 2011

'Do you buy Online if so how much.?'

Everything that I possibly can - to get the best reductions possible. I have even found that my favourite ground coffee is cheapest at Amazon with free delivery!

To obtain even better value I use a free credit card that pays 1% cash back on everything and I pay the full bill every month. Everything that I buy that exceeds £1 goes on the card, which amounts to a considerable cash back payment annually.

I accept that this affects the high street outlets but there are still very many people who will not shop on line and also pay cash for everything. These people are subsidising my life style and, for that, I thank them.

  canarieslover 14:02 27 Aug 2011

I buy quite a lot online but not just because of price. Often it is easier and quicker to locate some things online than searching for specialist shops in my locale. I actually prefer to give business to 'real' shops and will give them the option of price matching to get my business if they want it. Grocery shopping online is a definite no-no. I have watched the pickers in Tesco and they just grab the first to hand of the item you have asked for. My wife is very fussy about vegetables and cooked meats and often with the latter there may be several days difference in 'sell-by' dates, obviously she chooses the ones with the longer dates on them. Clothing is another no-no as I like to see and try before I buy and don't want the aggravation of returning items that don't fit. I also like window shopping and prefer it to just web browsing when looking for ideas. Each to our own, I suppose.

  Autoschediastic 15:17 27 Aug 2011

VERY well put guys! some intresting points there, i also find it easy to look for what i need online like ive been after an old album from Van Morrison & couldnt find it in the shops? i tried them all then i decided to check online it took me a whole of 30 seconds :-)

  Aitchbee 16:21 27 Aug 2011

I have only made about eight E-transactions, to renew my subscription to Onspeed.I prefer to use cash, and to see what I am buying.I live near to all the food shops, and a 20 minute bus ride, gives me an even better choice.Charity shops and the internet don't mix...

  userious? 16:34 27 Aug 2011

I always check online to see if I can get things cheaper and usually I can.

  proudfoot 20:50 27 Aug 2011

Living in the sticks we buy online regularly, but only from reputable suppliers. I also use my card for most purchases in shops etc. and pay my card off each month. We get travel pounds towards holiday bookings, between my wife and I we have almost £100. Having said that my CC was cloned and used about a month ago. I have no idea how. Our CC company phoned to check whether I had booked a couple of flights, No I hadn't. The day they were being booked I paid a hotel bill some 150 miles from home. There were also London Congestion Charges put on my account. I live in the north east and havn't driven in London for nearly 40 years. Thankfully it was all sorted out very easily within a fortnight.

  Crosstrainer2 07:54 28 Aug 2011

I buy everything online....From food to software. I have yet to find cheaper deals on the high street. At first it was I'll-health that forced me into buying things that I would have preferred to look at first, but now, a little research and off I go.

Although part of the discount I received on my new iMac was for services rendered, The very helpful sales representative knocked a further £100.00 off the price of the machine, AND threw in some useful software too.

I enjoy a good haggle, and you still can..try that in a high street shop! :))

  Autoschediastic 09:00 28 Aug 2011

Crosstrainer2 yeah i agree you can still haggle on the high st BUT i doubt you would ever be able to beat the online prices hands down...

I'l have to look into getting a MAC one day people rave about them..

  carver 09:57 28 Aug 2011

Certain major items I prefer to buy instore, TV's, laptops at least if something goes wrong with them you have a person to talk to face to face, I do buy PC monitors from the web but only because they normally come with a 3 year warranty.

Nearly every thing else I buy on line apart from food and clothes, as canarieslover has stated a definite no for food.

Some of the thing you can buy over the Internet are so much cheaper at times it's almost like their giving it away, I bought some leads the other week and they cost £3 for 4 leads with free posting, same ones in PCWorld would have cost 3 times that + £4 in petrol to collect them.

  Marko797 11:36 28 Aug 2011

Should a little common sense and time be used and save you a decent amount or should we just pay more out and support the high street..?

I think the answer to this is so obvious, I'm not sure why you even posted it at all..who in their right mind would pay more to support the high street???

However, just to support one of your points, a washer pump for Corsa (wife's car) price on-line for £6.50 incl P&P. Local car parts shop quoted me £28...blindingly obvious which one I selected.

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