Do you believe in coincidence's?

  octal 22:19 12 Oct 2005

I thought it was a wind-up at first, I wonder what the chances of this happening, look at the top two postings click here

  VoG II 22:48 12 Oct 2005

Statistically, random events do not occur at evenly spaced intervals. In fact they tend to occur in clusters. Hence the tendency for similar questions to appear together on this forum and for the saying that events occur in threes.

  Forum Editor 23:14 12 Oct 2005

have you thought of someone.............and then they call. "That's amazing!" you say "I was just thinking of you".

It's a coincidence, but when it happens repeatedly you start to think that there's more to it. The thing is, you forget about the dozens of times you thought about the same person and nothing happened.

  wiz-king 07:24 13 Oct 2005

spring to mind. As the number of words in a title is fairly limited and that PC topics tend to re-occur I am not really surprised, now if praise in conjunction with Dell or Watford were found in several posts I might think to go to the new MI6 website and put in a compliant about a takeover!

  DrScott 15:50 13 Oct 2005

is the basis of the belief in the paranormal. Apparently, people who have strong beliefs in ghosts and the like also have a tendency to spot, and more importantly, note coincidences.

Furthermore, people who believe in the paranormal also are more likely to misinterpret probability. When asked the probability of rolling 1, 2 and 3 on a die, compared with throwing 5, 2, and 1, they generally believe the second combination of numbers to be the more likely to be thrown.

Having said that, it is interesting that in all the lottery games in the world, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 have never come up as a winning set.

  octal 17:25 13 Oct 2005

I don't believe in ghosts, the paranormal or life after death, so maybe I should have used an different word.

  wolfie3000 03:18 14 Oct 2005

I would say it was ironic rather than a coincedence lol

  joel42 12:09 14 Oct 2005

Think I may have to take exception with Dr Scott. Didn't Homer Simpson once win a lottery with those very numbers? Doh

  DrScott 13:58 14 Oct 2005

An episode I must have missed... I stand corrected!

  jack 15:02 14 Oct 2005

It happened yesterday too in our forums
Consumerwatch and Digital World both sported a question relating to uploading images to media card that would not then be recoginsed in camera.
Not so close a octal's example but it does happen here with regularity, because presuably more and folk are doing the same sort of thing.

  Pidder 18:36 14 Oct 2005

"Didn't Hamlet say "There are more things in heaven and earth..."

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