Do we really need nerves in teeth?

  exdragon 22:15 20 Apr 2007

Obviously we can't do anything about it at this stage of evolution, but wouldn't it be great if they weren't there? The nerves, not the teeth, that is.

  ulrich 22:17 20 Apr 2007

Then your teeth would rot and fall out like mine because you would not feel any pain, unfortunately I had more fear of the dentist.

  Jak_1 22:19 20 Apr 2007

In short, yes we do. As stated above to feel pain so we know when there is a problem and also so we know just how hard to bite on something. As with all parts of the body, the tooth is a living bit that needs a blood and nerve supply.

  Jak_1 22:21 20 Apr 2007

Which reminds me I have a dental appointment on Tuesday to have two crowns fitted. One gold one and one white porcelain.

  VoG II 22:21 20 Apr 2007

If you didn't have them you wouldn't have any sense of the pressure that you were applying whilst chewing. Thus you would not be able to eat in a civilised manner.

However, I sympathise with teeth. I had 'Dry Socket' a few years ago and that beats any pain.

  exdragon 22:32 20 Apr 2007

Huh. Guess who had a dental appointment this morning?

I guessed the answer would be yes, but I still think we could have come up with something that causes less pain when they're coming, problems when they're here and pain when they go.

Oh, how I wished I'd listened to my mother all those years ago...

  ulrich 22:40 20 Apr 2007

One night in a nice Italian restaurant in Germany, I heard my dog chewing on something under the table, so what is she doing, lo and behold a gold tooth.

  exdragon 22:47 20 Apr 2007

Was it a Golden Retriever?

  De Marcus™ 22:49 20 Apr 2007

Well done exdragon.

As old as that joke is, when told properly is quite funny.

  josie mayhem 22:50 20 Apr 2007

If one assumes that we need nerves in our teeth so we know how much pressure to bite with, how do people with dentures manage? They seem to be able to eat in a cicilised manner!

  exdragon 22:56 20 Apr 2007

How true, josie mayhem, though I must confess that toffee can cause a very UNcivilised event at times!!

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