DO We Belive Them..

  last starfighter 20:35 14 Jul 2008

Rabbit contaminated water supply ???

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  oresome 20:43 14 Jul 2008

Is there any reason why we should doubt this explanation?

  egapup 20:53 14 Jul 2008

I should imagine plenty of things die in our drinking water every day, why would a rabbit make a differance.

  peter99co 21:37 14 Jul 2008

I think it depends which side of the filters it died on. A lot of sheep find a last resting place in a hillside streams but the treatment plant cleans it up a bit before the trip to our tap.

  Forum Editor 22:34 14 Jul 2008

The explanation sounds perfectly valid to me.

  dagbladet 22:49 14 Jul 2008

Oh my god, the secret experimental formula has contaminated the water supply.

We need to come up with a sophisticated ruse, lest the truth is discovered.

I know, lets say a diseased rabbit fell in there.

Shouldn't we come up with something a little more elaborate?

No point, the conspiracy theorists never believe anything anyway, lets go to the pub.

  oresome 23:14 14 Jul 2008

The liquid that comes from our tap tastes like dilute bleach. I'm surprised anything can survive for long in it.

  robgf 01:53 15 Jul 2008

Must have been a big rabbit, lol.

I suspect the alert was largely just a precautionary measure. As I live in the affected area and because I was working late at the time, I didn't hear any mention of the problem, until a couple of days later, during which time I had drunk a lot of un-boiled water. I didn't die (as you may have guessed), or get sick, so it couldn't have been very virulent.

  Chegs ®™ 09:25 15 Jul 2008

I have started to notice a sulphurous smell in our bathroom(like stink bombs)whenever the hot tap is run,this is ontop of the chlorine smell when the cold tap is run fast.I'm pretty sure its safe to drink the water that smells like a swimming pools contents,but it doesnt half make my coffee taste foul.As the smell & perculiar tasting coffee comes and goes,it simply means I drink tea for a few days(which also tastes weird but not as foul as coffee)until my tea tastes okay.I now know why bottled water is so popular.

  jakimo 13:27 15 Jul 2008

Boiling the water for ten days before drinking it seems a bit excessive to me ,wouldn't it evaporate long before the ten days were up!!!!

  wiz-king 13:40 15 Jul 2008

Have you checked your feed tank for dead pigeons? If your cold water only smells of chlorine then could this be from the mains water? Where as the hot water may have bacteria growing in the feed tank.

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