Do MP's think the voting public are all stupid ?

  Dragon_Heart 00:09 12 Jul 2012

Whenever I see a news headline about a 'leaked ministerial memo' or MP's start making a big fuss about something like the inter bank interest rate fixing I always check the smaller news items for the 'real' news.

For example Nick Boles MP suggestions earlier this week regarding cutting winter fuel allowances, free bus passes and TV licences to over 75's. As reported in the Independent :-

“ The idea that the elderly should be the next group to share the pain of public spending cuts was raised by the Tory MP Nick Boles, a close ally of Mr Cameron, who it is thought may have been acting as an outrider for the Prime Minister, raising the idea to test the reaction. “

I think this 'out-riding' is done a great deal by all parties.

Some may say the Conservatives are doing a good job in a bad situation but I feel they are to blame like all the rest both past and present. Come 2015 things will start to change as the hard line approach is eased off ready for the next election.

The average UK wage for a male is about £31k with £24k for a female. How many of the forum members get that or above ?

There is money in the UK the only trouble is many do not get the chance to earn it.

I suggest to all MP's lets stop all this smoke screen and get on with the job in hand.

  Kev.Ifty 00:58 12 Jul 2012

Hey up Dragon_Heart PCA ain't a political form so don't expect a reply mate. Her Majesty's Government gave a tax cut to top earners of 5% so crack on with your banter.

  lotvic 13:36 12 Jul 2012

Do MP's think the voting public are all stupid ?

Yes, I believe they do think that.

  Condom 13:42 12 Jul 2012

This is the big problem with a mainly 2 party political set up. I don't think it is so much they think we are stupid but that they know we have few alternatives.

  namtas 16:57 12 Jul 2012

Not so much stupid, but as we let them get away so much without complaint yes I do believe they think they can do as they like.

  QuizMan 18:42 12 Jul 2012

It seems that most leaked "ministerial memos" are deliberate kite-flying to test the wind before making it official government policy.

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