Do broadband users spend more time online?

  CurlyWhirly 00:30 10 Jul 2004

I don't know about other broadband users but I find that I am spending more and more time online!
I also find that I am cutting down on the amount of time that I spend watching tv.
Is this just me or is it quite commonplace?
I was put off before when I was on dial-up as I got bored waiting for web pages to load!
Any comments forum members?

  y_not 04:45 10 Jul 2004

We took the broadband route almost three years ago and found exactly the same "problem"; paying "Auntie" for the TV license seemed a waste of money!

But, we began to suffer withdrawal symptoms (from missing the nightly episodes of Corrie & dead-enders) so now we use a laptop with wireless connection and we can surf while keeping up to date with the all-important soaps.

  Forum Editor 08:09 10 Jul 2004

to find out how many couples share an interest in the internet. The spread of broadband has resulted in an increase in the amount of time people spend online - I'm certain of that - but do both people in a partnership or marriage have an interest, or is it something that's a loner's pastime?

Another thing - what do you actually do during those long online hours? I'm not trying to pry into peoples' private interests I hasten to add, just curious in general about the type of site that's popular. Because of the way I earn my living I tend to spend a lot of time on the internet - it's become an integral part of my life - but what about you, do you need your internet fix, or do you go for days without connecting?

  Forum Editor 08:12 10 Jul 2004

by the way CurlyWhirly, you've raised an interesting subject, I think a lot of people have altered the way they spend their leisure hours since broadband arrived.

  peter4076 09:10 10 Jul 2004

Agree with all so far what as been said, used to be a 56k trawler, went BB 3 years ago with also sky+, and various other digital routes, but BB made all the difference, one could check out a certain item and go to 50 different w/site in no time at all, and still buy it locally, but it does'nt matter, because you have been all round the UK, Europe & the world making sure that you have a deal.
I am used to BB now but it still gives me immense pleasure, and I find if I am given a project by a family member, neighbour, etc, hopefully within an hour I will have a 2 page printout.
T.V. Video,DVD,CD's, MP3 are all excellent, but Broadband and the WWW is where I is.

  CurlyWhirly 11:01 10 Jul 2004

Forum Editor,
I don't mind you joining in that's what these forums are for as you probably know as you are the Forum Editor! ha ha!
As regards what I do online since upgrading to broadband over a year ago well for a start I LOVE reading forums (not just this one but this is my favourite!) because I used to have a Playstation 2 but since having a PC I have not bothered with it and have now sold it!
As most people probably know a console is just turn on, insert the game CD and play well a PC requires a bit of knowledge as to how things work like for example how to enter safe mode and how to enter the BIOS.
I have found that since reading various forums my knowledge has increased substantially and even though I know I am no expert I no far more about PC terminology that I used to like what does PCI and AGP mean for example.
I also like reading about new broadband content like streaming video, music though I must stress legally as I don't bother with P2P anymore due to undesirables like trojans, spyware, etc.
I now shop for my music online like at
I have visited legal music download sites like Napster but in my opinion they seem a bit overpriced at £1.09 a song!
I also visit websites like MegaGames where there is PC hardware, software news and not to mention patches for the latest games.
I also use my PC for online banking so I can access my bank account 24 hours a day if need be without having to make a journey to the bank except for cash withdrawals!
I also chat to my friends online with Instant Messaging.
That's mostly what I do!

  Indigo 1 13:26 10 Jul 2004

I too find that my online time has increased from about 10-16 hours per week to well over 30 hrs p/w since getting BB.

My missus though has not increased her time online.

I like to search the net for answers to allsorts of problems as I am the inquisitive kind, mainly computer related problems etc but also for online education. I will not buy anything without careful research on it via the net first and buy almost everything online.

I don't get withdrawal symptoms when on holiday but do enjoy my time online immensly.

  Sapins 13:49 10 Jul 2004

My wife and I have really enjoyed having access to the internet, first with dial-up, and now broadband.

Generally speaking if I'm watching football my wife will peruse some sites, mainly to do with crafts and conversely if she is watching one of her favourite tv progammes I will have a good old surf looking at anything that grabs my attention, I have PCA permanently open, and at the moment I switch between forums but I am thinking of having an open page for each forum, sad eh? We also go online together if we are sending an electronic greetings card or sending an e-mail to friends or family. I do a lot of on-line buying which I find extremely interesting as well as convenient.

The internet does take up a lot of our (my) time, but so far we never use it on holiday or if asleep lol, but I'm working on that! Just to finish, before my wife stopped working, I think she regards "Retired" as implying old, her workplace was about to introduce computers and she was the only employee actually looking forward to it, to the amazement of her colleagues and particularly her boss.

  Dorsai 14:06 10 Jul 2004

I would almost expect this to happen.

when using dial up it sometimes gets sooo sloooow that you just give up in frustration, and log out, and turn the boob-tube on.

As BB (i hope) does not suffer from this as badly (if at all, 7 days to go, fingers crossed, still waiting for activation) you can probably do two things at once..down load windowz latest patch, and post here, as the download will not slow the system down from a snail's pace to a glacial crawl.

  CurlyWhirly 16:41 10 Jul 2004


Are you still on dial-up as it says in your latest e-mail that you still waiting for activation?
I would give up the internet if I had to go back to dial-up!
I am pleased with my 512kbps speed but I would upgrade to 1mbps service if I could get it but unfortunately I live too far away from my local exchange but I am hoping that now as BT have at last realised that there is sufficient interest in ADSL they will overcome this technical hurdle with new technology?
I hope so anyway!

  CurlyWhirly 16:46 10 Jul 2004


Best of luck with your attempt to get broadband!
I hope you are successful.
I have had broadband for over a year and the novelty hasn't worn off yet!
I don't think it ever will as I have too many bad memories of how painfully slow dial up was - talk about the World Wide Web more like the World Wide Wait!

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