Do Any of You Watch 'Question Time'?

  fourm member 16:15 07 Mar 2014

On a Friday morning, my Twitter timeline usually has several references to 'Question Time' so I go and see if I think I want to watch it on iPlayer.

I almost never do because there never seems to be a panel of substance. Take last night; one junior minister, one junior shadow minister and three airbags.

In my view, it has entered an unbreakable circle where it doesn't get strong panels so the discussions are for entertainment not enlightenment and, knowing the discussions are not serious means that people who might have something worthwhile to say won't take part.

So, do any of you watch it and, if so, why?

  Flak999 16:31 07 Mar 2014

I watch it every week, sometimes the questions provoke a good debate, other times not so much. I tend to flick back and forth between QT and Newsnight.

You can always rely on a bit of a ding dong if George Galloway is on the panel, likewise Nigel Farage.

  hssutton 16:34 07 Mar 2014

Once upon a time I would never ever miss it. Last night for the first time in many months I switched on, 5 mins later I switched off. Not sure if that answers your question.

  john bunyan 16:44 07 Mar 2014

I watch it irregularly; if there is a particular hot issue and some heavier weight panel members are announced, then I watch it. Similarly with Any Questions on Radio 4. Both are less boring than the ramblings on the live Parliament programme. As has been said before, too few politicians these days have done a "proper job" before politics.

  Forum Editor 18:16 07 Mar 2014

The program is a shadow of its former self, so no, I don't watch it any more.

  TopCat® 18:20 07 Mar 2014

I used to watch 'QT' very regularly but have stopped for some time now. The standard of good debate has, in my estimation, declined quite markedly so it's a no-no for me at the moment. One day soon perhaps....? TC.

  fourm member 18:27 07 Mar 2014

I can't claim to be able to prove the link but, it seems to me, the rot set in when they starting taking contributions from the audience rather than just having them ask their questions.

  bumpkin 18:29 07 Mar 2014

Do Any of You Watch 'Question Time'?

Only when I have run out of drying paint to watch.

  Forum Editor 18:37 07 Mar 2014

"the rot set in when they starting taking contributions from the audience rather than just having them ask their questions."

Indeed. It's the trendy obsession with 'Involvement TV' where producers look for more ways to 'reach out' to the common man and woman, instead of concentrating on quality programming. They see it as a way of diverting attention from their woeful lack of courage and ability to innovate.

  Aitchbee 19:00 07 Mar 2014

Don't watch it anymore. On the other hand, Weekend World [shown live on sunday afternoons in the 70's] on ITV, presented by Brian Walden has never been bettered as far as popular political entertainment goes; great theme music too. [Nantucket Sleigh Ride]

  bumpkin 20:02 07 Mar 2014

aitchbee, do you mean Reekend Rorld

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