A DIY project I'm quite proud of!

  TopCat® 19:06 29 Jun 2008

It concerns an excess of protein in my pond, so I set about making myself a foam fractionator out of bits and pieces to hand. Got it to work in the end and I'm quite pleased at how it has helped clear the water, because I can now see to the bottom and all the fish. They seem more lively as well! A description of a proper built-in fractionator setup can be found at click here but I couldn't accomodate such a design in my old pond system - hence the DIY attempt!

At the beginning of Spring the water clarity was terrible, so I set about changing the filtration system by adding a hidden 75 gallon vortex behind bushes and changing the media to oxygenated K1. I've uploaded some pictures so I hope I get the link right! There is one photo of the pond before I started. TC.

click here

  Bingalau 19:24 29 Jun 2008

Wasn't there supposed to be a cure for pond algae which consisted of chucking in a bale of barley straw and leaving it for a while. Discovered accidentally by a farmer, when a few bales of barley straw fell off his waggon in to a badly gunged up pond he was passing. When he went back a couple of days later the pond was Chrystal clear.

  Pamy 19:25 29 Jun 2008

Pond looks good now. Mine is covered in green weed (is it chick weed) can never get rid of it. Hubby drained pond last year and removed all sludge etc but weed is back again.

  laurie53 20:13 29 Jun 2008

Barley straw does work.

  dukeboxhero 20:26 29 Jun 2008

The loch i use (Harelaw) for fishing always has a bale of hay in the water always wondered why ?
Bingalau, now i know

  dukeboxhero 20:28 29 Jun 2008

Nice garden TopCat®

  TopCat® 20:58 29 Jun 2008

Probably no longer available. Here's a link to a 'posh' DIY one that hangs over the filtration system wall, something I can't do on my old system.

Bingalau - I too have heard of the barley straw treament but I believe it is used mostly to stop blanketweed build up. Usually, the UV lamps, if you have them, take care of most types of suspended algae by killing it and clumping it together. It then sinks to the bottom and, through a bottom drain or by pump, the filtration system then catches it for eventual flushing out. TC.

  TopCat® 21:00 29 Jun 2008
  Forum Editor 17:39 30 Jun 2008

where there's will there's a way.

I've used the UV solution for pathogens for some time, but you need to replace the lamps regularly to maintain maximum efficiency, and I confess I don't always remember to do it as often as I should.

  mrwoowoo 18:02 30 Jun 2008

What a lovely garden.
Surprising how much a green pond can detract from the overall look though.
Now with the clear pond,everything looks stunning.A job very well done.
Now i'm as green(with envy) as your first pond pick)O:!

  mrwoowoo 18:08 30 Jun 2008

I used to have a pond with Koi,Mirror card,Tench,Golden Tench,Golden orfe and Gold fish when i lived with my parents.
Nothing like the standard of your pond,but i used to sit and watch the fish for hours.
I took great delight throwing in various worms etc and watching them eat them.
I even used to try some of my new home made high protein carp baits to see how effective they were.

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