Distress signal?

  newman35 08:47 04 Feb 2009

I seem to remember from somewhere that flying a flag upside down was a sign of a problem within - in that case, wasn't it totally appropriate to fly the Union Flag like that? Since the UK is in such financial distress just now?

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  canarieslover 08:56 04 Feb 2009

It seems fitting that Mandelson was the one holding it as he is the one who would most like to see it disappear in favour of his beloved EU flag.

  DippyGirl 09:04 04 Feb 2009

It's all right someone at Number 10 will apologise and take responsibility for the mistake - whatever that may mean- and everything will be OK .....until next time!

  €dstowe 09:09 04 Feb 2009

Very sad is the person who goes apoplectic over such trivia.

The real problem lies with whoever designed the flag in the first place - that it can so easily be miss-flown.

I wager these people are already salivating in the anticipation that the buttons on the uniforms of the armed forces in the next hick TV series are the wrong design or upside down or some such nonsense.

  newman35 09:19 04 Feb 2009

I don't think anyone got apoplectic over it - I thought, personally, it was quite amusing. The vast majority of UK citizens (sorry, subjects) would be completely unaware that there was a 'right way up'.

  oresome 09:22 04 Feb 2009

The Made in China label is normally sewn on the bottom right corner.

  Snec 12:13 04 Feb 2009


  interzone55 12:23 04 Feb 2009

I find it amusing that petty minded people get all worked up over such minor points.

Sarah Kennedy on Radio 2 is a case in point, she gets very annoyed by the term Train Station, claiming it should be a Railway Station. If that were the case, why do you have Bus Stations, surely they should be Road Stations...

  Condom 15:22 04 Feb 2009

When I joined the cubs as a little one, one of the first things I learned was how the Union Jack was formed. I was told that around 1606 the English flag of a red cross on a white background was placed on the Scottish flag of a white multiplication cross on a blue background and this formed the Jack. later in about 1707 the Irish St Patrick's flag of a red multiplication cross on a white background was added to form the Union Jack.

The combination of flags resulted in a wider white band on the top of the flagstaff side and this is used to ensure the flag is flown the right way up. I was told years ago that the reason there is no Welsh input is because Wales was not considered a Kingdom but a Principality but whether this is true I am not sure. Perhaps someone could enlghten us in these pages.

As the Jack and Union Jack were both widely used in all things naval before the white, blue and red ensigns were introduced the flying upside down became a well known sign of distress.

  peter99co 15:27 04 Feb 2009

Why do TV narrators refer to an Engine as a Train?

It is only a train when it is connected to it's carridges or trucks.

A Union flag is only a piece of trivia in the hands of Mandy. He is to busy to notice the difference. I blame his PR staff.

  peter99co 15:31 04 Feb 2009

A Jack is a Jackstaff from where the union flag is flown on a ship. It is this which makes it a Union Jack. Off the Jackstaff it is a Union Flag.

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