the disgrace of being old

  lofty29 14:56 28 Mar 2008

We are in sad situation of having to place an elderly relative in a home, she has no money other than her pension, plus a small amout saved for her funeral, the other members of the family are pensioners on fixed incomes. We have just found out that the council allowance for her funding is approx £300pw. Very few homes can work on this budget, lets face it you have a job getting B&B for that. The treatment in the UK for its OAP's is totally disgraceful, as has been said many times. We have been told by care homes that Social services always try and bully family members to top-up the fees themselves, yet there always seems money for ner-do-wells, like the woman who gaily went of to goa on money she saved from her benifits. Where are our priorities?????

  anskyber 15:00 28 Mar 2008

Funny. It must depend on your local authority.

My mother-in-law has just gone into a home at the age of 91. The home is fantastic and costs about £440 per week. Her council, Middlesborough BC will pay it all but of course there is a deduction from her State pension.

  rawprawn 15:05 28 Mar 2008

I am very sorry to hear that, we had to put my mother in care because she got dementia at 90. We managed to top up her fees ans get her into a "Nice" home (If there is such a thing)
I understand your angst, and wish that our government (of whichever colour) would take more care of it's old people, who at that age all lived a hard life when they were young, and more than likely fought to make this a free country. There is little reward, and no pleasure in old age.

  lofty29 15:11 28 Mar 2008

That is not the case down here, the absolute maximum the coucil will pay is £390 but you have to be totally infirm with alziemers for that, the bottom rate is about £230. There is no doubt about a north/south divide. I would like to see MP's given the same amount as oap homes grants to live on in london imagine £300 pw for everthing.

  conrail 15:16 28 Mar 2008

I agree lofty29, maybe all MP's should get the basic minimun wage per week and retire an 65 with just the state pension, there should not be any problems, after all it is them (is is it they) who say we can manage on this

  donki 15:38 28 Mar 2008

I agree, my granmother was in hospital for 2 months (Northern Ireland) before we could get her placed in a home. We had been lookign after her but with the whole family out during the day it was impossible for us to take proper care of her.

On the other end of the spectrum id say it is hard for the late teens to mid 20's. I am currently lookign to move out of home and it is impossible for me to afford a morgage on my own for any property and im in a managment position in the Civil service.

It looks like 3 generations of one family are to live in a house under the current economic climate. Times are good!

  birdface 15:48 28 Mar 2008

Unfortunately even if you have younger members of the family that are able to look after elderly relatives.It meens they have to give up work to do this and of course the Government won't help you with any loss of earnings.They would rather the Old folk were in homes like you say costing up to £400 a week.Why not pay a couple of relations for looking after them instead.They would be far better cared for in the comfort of there own homes.My Mother had to be put in one of those Homes because of her Dementia.All I can say is the one my mother was sent to I would not recommend to anyone.Why they allow places like that to stay open is beyond me.Its time the government got their act together and paid relations or friends to take time of work to look after them Instead of being sent into Homes.

  lofty29 16:02 28 Mar 2008

Unfortunately, even that is not the answer, we had her living with us for the last 41/2 years without any help from local or national government, but just could not cope with her anymore. No the answer is decent homes properly funded. Either that or issue them with a "lights out pill" sounds cruel, but probably kinder than the present system. You would be done if you treated animals the way the government treats the old. I know which I prefer when my time comes

  GJC53 16:13 28 Mar 2008

Do any of you really think MPs care about anybody but themselves? except when an election comes along! We just don't care about old people in this contry. Out of site out of mind seems to be the norm. If your an asulym seeker, illegal immagrant or the rest every thing gets done for you. Yet if you say anything the PC brigade say what your saying is racist, its their only answer. We should all remember we'll all be old one day!

  BT 17:17 28 Mar 2008

Get in contact with Counsel & Care.
click here
They are a charity and can offer lots of help and advice for people in your unfortunate situation.
They helped when my mother in law went into a Nursing Home and we managed to get considerably more than the Social Security allowances for nursing home care.

  namtas 17:25 28 Mar 2008

If your elderly relative has only limited financial means then you she is entitled to be fully funded, but you may have to fight on her behalf to get it
click here

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