Disabled man refused train entry

  peter99co 19:06 03 Jun 2008

How big is a scooter that is allowed?

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And they say that disabled people are entitled to Mobility.

  peter99co 19:11 03 Jun 2008

You have to have one scooter to get to the station and another smaller one to use on the train. The little one may not be big enough for the trip to the station.

  newman35 19:13 03 Jun 2008

The problem would seem to be that mobility scooters are all shapes and sizes. There would have to be a limit on overall size, and obviously this one just missed it.
Could maybe have been handled a bit better, though.

  peter99co 19:15 03 Jun 2008

It is a bit strange that it fitted a taxi.

  newman35 19:22 03 Jun 2008

Hopefully, EMT paid the taxi !!

  spuds 19:33 03 Jun 2008

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) covers most things, and its not unknown that even some of the biggest public service providers are not up to scratch with the rules and regulations, and how they should implement them.

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  spuds 19:38 03 Jun 2008

peter99co-- Many licenced taxis (hackney) are now equipped to carry disabled people with mobility scooters. Eventually it will be law that all public transport have provisions available for transporting disabled persons.

  jack 19:40 03 Jun 2008

Perhaps a 'rule' was mis-read in the outward journey- who knows.
But having made it- the return journey should have been allowed.
Simply stranding an elderly person is not on
OK so they sorted it by getting him a taxi - but still a great deal of upset was caused.

  peter99co 19:48 03 Jun 2008

They keep refering to Wheelchairs. The disabled need to move themselves if they can. A wheelchair needs a carer and this is not what the customer wants. He was able to act as an independant person and well done to him. A carer is of course a second farepayer and possibly that is good for the operators.

  laurie53 20:26 03 Jun 2008

So what were the "Health & Safety reasons?

I think I might have asked to see the Risk Assessment.

If, for instance, the carriage has aisles of a certain width and the scooter obstructed emergency access then the company has a defence.

However, in such a case they must make reasonable alternative provision, unless they can show unreasonable financial penalty, e.g. 2 scooters every five years at a cost of say £10,000 per time.

A one off cost of even up to £50K, resulting in permanent scooter access, would probably not be accepted as an unreasonable penalty. Some shops have had to pay ten times this, or more, to install a lift.

  peter99co 20:43 03 Jun 2008

I bet the company that made or sold the Scooter are unimpressed. Not a good selling point if the customer is unaware.

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