Disability Living Allowence assessment warning

  interzone55 10:01 30 Jun 2012

My partner has just had her DLA cancelled with immediate effect, and they're taking her Motobility car away in 30 days.

Recently a Government appointed doctor visited, someone we'd never met before, and interviewed my partner for about 30 minutes. He seemed very friendly and genuine.

Yesterday a letter arrived from the DLA people and the doctors report bore very little relation to what was said on the day.

My partner cannot work full time, just three days a week puts too much strain on her legs.

We live in a area that is not covered by public transport, the nearest bus stop is about a mile away down a pretty steep hill.

She doesn't earn enough to pay for a car.

How on earth do Cameron and his cronies think people with disabilities can get to work without their motobility cars??????

Luckily my partner works for Age UK, who have put their legal advice team at her disposal, so we think we stand a good chance of succeeding in an appeal, but others are not so fortunate.

This Governments policies will take us back to the homeless crisis of the 80's. Oh joy...

  Aitchbee 10:19 30 Jun 2012

...'Cameron and his cronies' do not live in the real world.

I hope that answers your question.

  carver 10:29 30 Jun 2012

alan14 best of luck with your fight, now we know how they intend to pay for the about turn on fuel duty.

But I do sympathise with your partners problem and hope she gets it sorted, we had a similar thing with the DLA over our son when he got to 16 his allowance was cut from the top rate to middle.

How they come up with these decisions I do not know and they are just decided by a complete stranger making a decision after 20 or 30 minutes talk.

  KRONOS the First 10:32 30 Jun 2012

My good lady who is 64 has COPD is waiting to have a hip replacement but has been told that she is fit for work certain benefits removed. I have the big C but as it is not terminal and I am able to make it unassisted to treatment, certain benefits removed, I am 58.

Don't forget folks "We are all in this together"

Any one know of jobs going in the banking business?

  SparkyJack 10:45 30 Jun 2012

I would not be ar all surprised to discover that said appointed 'Doctor' was paid by ressults.

Get AGE to dig into A/ the method of appointment and the set up of the agency-

Remember the recent case of a firm--- what was it doing ? in the work related field I think - was on a right fiddle. and cost millions for little result.

  HondaMan 10:47 30 Jun 2012

There should be provision for an appeal and they should not pre-judge that by taking any action. Read through the documentation fully

  HondaMan 10:51 30 Jun 2012

Please see this "The Disability and Carers Service will make a decision about your benefit, taking into account the healthcare professional's report. You will be told about the decision once it has been made. If you disagree with the decision, you can ask for it to be looked at again by someone else."

Extracted from Disability Living Allowance medical examination - what happens next

  interzone55 11:07 30 Jun 2012


Thanks for that link

We had a feeling something was afoot as her DLA expired 29th July, and so couldn't change her car.

When she wrote to the DLA about three months ago to see if they could speed up the renewal they just dragged their feet, then the doctor appeared.

I suspect the decision was made to cancel long before the doctor's visit, and he just had to write a report to justify the decision.

  KRONOS the First 11:13 30 Jun 2012

The appeal can take up to 3 months and you will not have your benefits reinstated whilst waiting for the appeal.

  BT 11:35 30 Jun 2012

My sister was assessed by a woman sent up to Norwich from London. Turned out she had no qualifications other than half a days training. My sister challenged her competancy to do the assessment and won.

  woody 13:16 30 Jun 2012

I do not know your circumstance and so am writing generally - we have people working for under £10k per year paying tax for these new cars . We can not afford this to continue. Every one that has their car taken away will complain but hopefully the money will be used for those in dire need. While I totally accept mistakes will be made and an appeal system should be in place - let me put the other side. When we go out we see on EVERY occasion people park in disabled bays and run or walk fast to the shops. It is rare to see someone in a chair or use a stick/frame. We have even had people say they can get away with it - so they claim. One suggestion - stop all free cars and make public transport better for every one. I am sorry you and your wife have poor health - but the items you mention - no bus and tired/strain after three days work - do not qualify you for a car - as far as I know.

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