Dirty finger nails, NHS

  smartpoly 09:49 28 May 2009

watched a clip on BBC news last night about the NHS offering alternative therapy for back pain.

At 29 sec into this clip we see an acupuncturist inserting needles, his left hand finger nails looking like he has just finished doing the gardening!!

Anyone else spot this?

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  Armchair 10:02 28 May 2009

I see what you mean. You'd have thought he'd have have cleaned himself up, knowing that he was going to be on film.

I wish these treatments had been available on the NHS last year, when I had my lower back pain. I shelled out £85 for three spinal manipulation sessions last September. The initial session helped a lot, but I didn't feel any benefit from the following ones, and so packed it in.

  johndrew 14:17 28 May 2009

Yes. His hands looked as if they would have benefited from a good dose of soap and water. The most concerning part being that he was making `holes` in the patient with needles he had touched with those hands.

Perhaps his idea of `alternative` medicine is providing the patient with something worse to worry about - such as an infection requiring conventional treatment.

  Jim Thing 14:30 28 May 2009

Black nail varnish applied to the tips of the nails only? Perhaps that's the latest fashion craze.

It's because you're worth it.

  interzone55 15:03 28 May 2009

I'd have thought he'd be wearing latex gloves, but he doesn't actually touch the business end of the needles as they're all in little dispensors...

  johndrew 14:10 29 May 2009

He doesn`t touch them in the video, but how about loading them? He does put his fingers on the patient`s skin in the same area the needles are inserted as well.

  johndrew 14:11 29 May 2009

`Black nail varnish applied to the tips of the nails only? `

He doesn`t look like a Goth to me, but what do I know!!

  interzone55 16:15 29 May 2009

"He doesn`t touch them in the video, but how about loading them?"

The needles are supplied in the sheaths and are not re-used, so he wouldn't "load them" at any point.

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