Dircet Debit - Again!

  laurie53 06:15 18 May 2008

I normally buy my National Lottery tickets by on-line subscription.

I can now no longer do this unless I give Camelot a DD mandate (which I will not do for reasons which are not part of this thread).

Now I know all about the economics of collection via DD and otherwise, but I will take some convincing that it is more economic for Camelot to ask my bank for £1 a week, albeit electronically, than it is to have up to £25 of my money in their interest earning account for up to 6 months at a time.

In addition, of course, I now buy at my local retailer, who gets to keep 5p of every ticket I buy.

  Forum Editor 08:55 18 May 2008

I suspect that the Camelot rule has less to do with economics and more to do with administrative problems associated with credit card payments (and frauds) from all over the world.

  belfman 09:30 18 May 2008

Tesco's quickpay pay when you do your shopping.

  Bingalau 10:53 18 May 2008

You should always buy your lottery tickets from your local corner shop type retailer. As laurie53 says they get a percentage of it and it helps to keep them going. I've started buying most of my stuff from such a shop lately in preference to places like Tesco's and ASDA. Pity mine doesn't flog petrol?

  belfman 11:03 18 May 2008

Why should I support the local shop?

It's over-priced and run by a buffoon and his obnoxious wife.

  Cymro. 11:15 18 May 2008

Why should I support the local shop?
I agree very much belfman. Small local corner shops are very much over rated but I will have to start a new thread to argue about it.

  spuds 17:41 18 May 2008

I do not know if it still applies, but at one time retailers received a 'bonus' on wins.

  laurie53 07:05 19 May 2008

I have only two local shops which sell lottery tickets.

One is run by a rude and ignorant boor, and the other is a supermarket.

  Pine Man 11:48 19 May 2008

I buy my lottery tickets on line for the very simple reason that they cannot be lost. You always get paid out - if you win ;-)

I am a bit confused about the DD though because I have always paid for mine by debit card and did so on Saturday.

  interzone55 11:58 19 May 2008

I think the DD payments are required if you have a subscription ticket running and pay each week for the same ticket.

You used to be able to have this charged to your Switch card each week, but now Camelot have changed the T & Cs and require subscriptions to be paid by DD. This saves admin, and also means that Camelot are less likely to be penalised for returned payments made on stolen credit cards.

  Pine Man 12:09 19 May 2008

spider9. I am fully aware of the difference but the two methods of payment but couldn't understand why laurie53 was required to pay by DD when I wasn't.

alan14. Thanks for that. I just pay for a ticket each time I buy one, which accounts for the difference in payment method.

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