Dioxin In Eggs (Breaking News)

  Uboat 00:56 07 Jan 2011

Although officals have said the level of Dioxin is safe i think i'l Still give it a miss! These so called "Officials" have been very wrong in the past, This is not about scaremongering its about been safe! my eggs will be binned, we need to know which supermarkets have been selling these contaminated eggs ASAP!

Well lets put it this way 3,000 tonnes of feed had been affected & all the eggs was sent to the UK.!!!

click here

  robgf 01:14 07 Jan 2011

If you read your link to the bottom, you will see that the problem is with 14 tonnes of processed egg for pasties etc. So chucking your eggs is pointless.

The risk must be very low anyway, as the chickens will only have consumed a small amount of dioxin and their eggs will contain even less (thats if it passes onto the eggs).
You've got to die sometime, so why worry.

  Kevscar1 07:46 07 Jan 2011

don't worry it will probably just kill the samonella.

  morddwyd 08:42 07 Jan 2011

"i think i'l Still give it a miss! "


Do you have a list of products these contaminated eggs have been used in?

If so let us see it so that we can all give it a miss.

  Legolas 08:46 07 Jan 2011

Dioxin In Eggs (Breaking News) Surely that should have been cracking news ;))

  Marko797 08:53 07 Jan 2011

inane thread from the ubiquitous Uboat, but I'll put this down to fatigue, given it was posted at 00:56

This is not about scaremongering its about been safe!(sic).

This is precisely about scaremongering. Get some sleep before you post.

  dms_05 09:16 07 Jan 2011

I think it's a cause for concern not one for panic.

Dioxin is very dangerous, I well remember the extent the Italians went to in the 1970's to process vast areas of land that had been contaminated.

However the story doesn't seem to contain the answer to 'how much in the end product'. Maybe you'd need to eat hundreds of pasties to be at risk but without this sort of information it's impossible to make a judgment.

So to be safe avoid the likely products. But which are they?

I'm afraid this story just confirms my growing feeling that journalism is only about sensationalism.

My worry is how the German regulatory body failed to stop contaminated feed reaching the egg producer and why they were then allowed to sell contaminated product to another EU member state.

  carver 09:27 07 Jan 2011

This is not a yokeing matter, and the tabloids are right to bring it to our attention, I can see the editor saying to his staff, "get to work on this egg story and just scramble it up a bit".

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:04 07 Jan 2011

Based on information from click here and if we assume eggs average 60g each, we consume around 692,000 tonnes of eggs anually.

I am not going to join the "panic panic, run round like a headless chicken" brigade over minor contamination in 14 tonnes of processed eggs.

  carver 10:17 07 Jan 2011

That upset me, I am now going to Brood about it until I can Hatch a cunning plan.

  uk-wizard 10:40 07 Jan 2011

Stop trying to ruffle spider9's feathers!

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