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  Main Access 21:00 02 Aug 2007

Last night we were having a discussion in the pub and we got around to dinner guests. If you could invite 7 people to dinner from anytime in history, who would they be and why.

My seven (after lots of people were thrown out) are.
Einstein. One of the greatest scientists in history.
So how does relativity actually work?

Newton. The other greatest scientist in history.

Archimedes. Did he really build all those war machines?

Copernicus. The father of astronomy

The above are brilliant mathematicians so that should be an interesting few hours.

Leonardo da Vinci's
What ideas could he come up with given the knowledge of the others?

Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Probably the greatest engineer.

Nelson. The greatest admiral ever.

so if you could, who would be in your 7 and why?

  4gig 22:19 02 Aug 2007

What ever happened to a couple of mates and a handful of lovely girls.

No heavyweight brains spending all night doodling on the napkins for me, thankyou very much.

Oh and plenty of booze and home made grub.

  anskyber 22:24 02 Aug 2007

Beethoven. In my view the greatest composer and eccentric.

Einstein, for your reason.

Leonardo, again for your reason.

John Logie Baird for saddling us (!) with television.

Hannibal. To ask why was he so expansive.

Gandhi. Was he really a pacifist, or a reformed terrorist?

Emilie Pankhurst. To keep the rest in order.

  Chaz10 22:51 02 Aug 2007

Great thread, working on it.

  skidzy 23:30 02 Aug 2007

1) My Nan...what a great women she was :-)

2) My Grandad who i never met (died before i was born)

3) Tommy Cooper (for the entertainment)

4) Jamie oliver (someone has to cook) :-)

5) Muhammad Ali ( would love to hear his stories,as they say...from the horses mouth.

6) Maggie Thatcher (someone has to keep Ali in line)

7) Sir James Saville....because im sure Jim'll Fix It :-)))

  45 Mart 09:53 03 Aug 2007

Just to get this point in before anything else, I refuse to do the cooking!

Isaac Asimov
Arthur C Clarke
2 who wrote about space travel.

Jim Lovell
John Glenn
2 who actually did space travel.

Tom Hanks
William Shatner
2 who acted space travel.

And to keep them all under control,
Sir Patrick Moore, who probably knows more about space than any man alive.

  Clapton is God 11:56 03 Aug 2007

Isambard Kingdom Brunel (greatest engineer)
Churchill (greatest P.M.)
Nelson (greatest Admiral)
Sir David Stirling (founder of the SAS)
John Cleese (for some light relief)
John Lennon (an icon of the music world)

And, of course:
Eric Clapton (because he's God and the greatest living guitarist!!) ;-))

  hzhzhzhz 23:40 03 Aug 2007

David Bowie (to sing Heroes at some point)

Ken Dodd (Funny and will make sure things dont end too early)

Steven Hawking (To explain a few things)

Noah (for tips on flood survival)

Chrissy Hynde (coz shes lovely)

Ronnie Lane ( good drinking partner and I speak from experience)

Saddam Hussein (to supply the Mustard)

  Main Access 23:32 04 Aug 2007

anyone else for a dinner list?

  acceptmyname 23:50 04 Aug 2007

I would invite the Manchester united squad, Then I would do the cooking and my main igredient would be arsenic.

Before anyone complains please learn to take a joke.

  acxxxx 00:12 05 Aug 2007

Sorry but thinking of seven would drive me mad.
The main guest for me would be,

Antonio Stradivari (Italian Violin Maker) - Would love to know what he knew!

The other six would make up the numbers (or be the wife’s choice anyway).

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