Digital Retune Reminder

  BRYNIT 19:37 18 Sep 2009

Couldn't find a post on this so as a reminder.

On or after Wednesday 30 September 2009, TV viewers with a Freeview TV or box (including homes with Top Up TV and BT Vision) will need to re-tune to continue receiving channel Five and a number of other Freeview channels.

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  dastardly mutt 19:43 18 Sep 2009

Repeated reminders on screen. Frequently.

  Chegs ®™ 00:47 19 Sep 2009

Should I regularly re-tune?
It is good practice to re-tune from time to time to pick up new channels

This made me laugh as we can retune everyday & it wont give us more than 20 channels on freeview.The various broadcasters have repeatedly said they dont plan to introduce their services in this area(although we were one of the first to go all digital in this area)

  ened 10:21 19 Sep 2009

I had a thread on this subject recently.

I had a lousy signal on some channels and was advised to retune.

I ended up losing many channels and had to wait until a day when the signal was strong to retrieve them.

Having got them back I left well alone and certainly don't intend 'to re-tune from time to time '.

I suppose I shall have to take a risk around 30 Sept but I expect it will not be straightforward.

And they call this progress!

  Quickbeam 10:42 19 Sep 2009

I though that the digital signals were supposed to be getting stronger towards the switch over day. Freeview's OK for free, but it's still quite a bit behind Sky or cable in technology. On cloudy days I can't get the channel programme listings on screen.

  Stuartli 10:47 19 Sep 2009

This re-tune, which is contained in a Freeview on-screen message for ITV and Channel 4 viewers, has come as a surprise to the trade, especially those in the retail sector.

Obviously they are the first port of call from customers who have problems with the changeover, yet those responsible for the transmission changes have so far failed to notify trade members (up to yesterday) the move is being undertaken.

  ened 11:01 19 Sep 2009

A retailer near me said they had been messing about with the frequencies for ages.

I don't really understand it but he said there are a lot of 'shared' channels, which was why, when I lost a load, I also lost ITV.

I use a digital tv and a Freeview box and the Freeview box gives a stronger signal although it has recently 'lost' some channels due to these changes.

I had been reluctant to retune it in case I lost more.

It isd a bit of a mess really!

  dms_05 11:08 19 Sep 2009

Makes satellite offerings from Sky and Freesat look positively attractive!

  sunnystaines 11:29 19 Sep 2009

we have a freeview tv in our campervan, its amazing just how much of the uk does not have freeview signals, some get selected channels others get the full wammy.

when i asked about it was told it depends if the local booster is it a full or sub one as to how many channels you get, as for no channels [parts of cornwall and yorkshire no answer, cornwall supposed to have the new boosted signals]

  jakimo 12:41 19 Sep 2009

My local TV shop has had a leaflet in the window offering a retune for over a week

I'm on the Sutton Coldfield transmitter and have had to regularly retune my freeview box over the last year due to engineer adjustments (the signal strength keeps changing)

People I know with freeview built in to their TV don't have this problem

  Stuartli 13:37 19 Sep 2009

Providing they leave it on Standby overnight or receive an on-screen message to retune because of new software.

I mentioned the re-tune necessity to an official of the NW area of retail group Retra only yesterday and he informed me that no official notification had yet been received.

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