Digital Radio

  immer 16:28 05 Jul 2010

I have just read a review about another digital radio....they never say how long the battery will last. I have had 3 radios of this type, each time thinking it must be me or I was missing something. I think the switch over is a disaster if you just want a radio to have about the place while you work in all the places you want a truly portable radio to work. Without a mile of cable to keep it powered they last no time at all and polute far worse than anything with the old battery cases. You need batterys like the old 1950's valve radios to keep the things going any time at all! And what about "fade"...well I say bring it back please its better than splutter & stop ! I am very dissapointed with portable digital radios.

  the hick 17:24 05 Jul 2010

an earlier thread on here

  morddwyd 19:59 05 Jul 2010

Some people have no choice.

It's digital radio or no radio.

  wee eddie 10:45 06 Jul 2010

Is there anywhere in the UK that the FM Signal no longer covers?

  morddwyd 19:53 06 Jul 2010

Yes, my bedroom and sitting room (the garage is alright!).

  wee eddie 20:44 06 Jul 2010

It's usually Digital Radio that is trumped by walls.

Particularly those, in newly built houses, that have aluminium clad insulation sheets in the walls.

  tullie 21:15 06 Jul 2010

I get very very poor FM reception.When i do find a station,its never the one i want.As for digital stations,non whatsoever.

  john bunyan 22:03 06 Jul 2010

You can get a roof aerial - like an H but mounted horizontally. I made on in about 1964 and have lots of 10" reel to reel Stereo tapes which are excellent quality. IMHO FM is far better in quality with the right aerial, and a lot more "green" re energy / battery use.

  immer 22:27 06 Jul 2010

Its the power problem as much as the signal.....
How ever much power did crystal set need...we seem to have lost the plot in the technology !
I think the whole thing wants redoing from the groundwork upwards ! Think about it.

  morddwyd 06:53 07 Jul 2010

Your answer is internet radio.

I have four, two of which are portables which work in all areas of the garden.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:34 07 Jul 2010

If thats the choice on offer (and I only listen to radio on the move) then it will be no radio at all, thank you very much. I will confine my entertainment to pre recorded material.

I think the only people to benefit from this scheme will be the (probably) far eastern manufacturers of consumer electronics.

I'll be curious to know what radio station proprieters will have to say when their listening figures plummet.

So what if the airwaves are freed up to provide more stations. We now have hundreds of tv channels courtesy of satellite and cable. I admit there are a couple of gems out there, but can anyone honestly say the overall quality of broadcasting has gone up? And if they think they can, will they also say why we will be getting better radio? (I'm talking content, not technical quality)


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