Digital cameras

  m800afc 17:06 20 Jun 2008

For what its worth, I thought I might pass on a couple of tips for digital camera owners.
The first is to visit the website of the camera you own. There may well be updates to the camera software/firmware that will help in making the most of your camera. There may also be other useful software.
Before you purchase a new memory card, make sure your camera is capable of using the amount of memory on the card. Some cameras cannot handle cards above a certain amount. Mine for example won't use card over 2GB.
Always format the card in the camera. I know lots of people who have formatted a card in the computer, and then found the camera will not recognise the card. Take a test photo to ensure the camera/card are working as they should.
Try and keep a fully charged spare battery with you, if your camera has a separate battery.
Lastly, make sure the lens is clean, always check this if children have used (or abused) your camera.
I'm sure lots of others will add their own tips.

  sunny staines 18:27 20 Jun 2008

i just bought my first digital camera [samsung]and formated the 2g sd in the computer it was not till i got to page 61 of the manual it told me to format in the camera not the pc. you would have thought that would have been at the start in set of the manual.

  Clapton is God 18:56 20 Jun 2008

What's all this about formatting the SD card?

I recently bought my first digital camera (Canon Ixus 860), plugged the card in and shot away.

I can see the photos on the camera's LCD, I can see them on my TV and I can upload and see them on the PC.

Why do I need to format the card?

  peter99co 19:06 20 Jun 2008

Format delete the pics and sets the card up for more shooting. Better than deleteing.

  Clapton is God 19:12 20 Jun 2008

So, the fact that I didn't format the card before using it for the first time is irrelevant??

However, when I upload the pics to my PC or get them printed I should then format the card before using it again?

  peter99co 20:11 20 Jun 2008

After you have uploaded (imported) you Format to set up for next batch you take. Otherwise you will upload all of them again along with any new ones. You can delete if you want but I was told format is more efficient. Make sure you back up your pics because you cannot take them again.

  peter99co 20:17 20 Jun 2008

I keep my photo library in folders offline as well as on the PC. New photos in a new folder and copy to offline. You just need to keep organized in folders by date or subject. On Vista the Photo Gallery does a good job of allowing TAGS so the shots are easy to find or BURN to Disc.

  peter99co 20:40 20 Jun 2008

Most cameras automatically number each shot. If you upload twice the files are duplicated. Renaming each shot is advisable and date is a good tag to use. Some software allows for Rename to be made on multiple shots and is quicker to use

  Barnacarry 17:08 23 Jun 2008

I use Picasa2 to upload my digital photos. They are put in a folder with the upload date and then deleted from my camera (you can choose), ready to start again. If only life was that easy.

  jack 17:14 23 Jun 2008

Not need to format.
Deleting only is fine not need to format every trip.
A trundle through here is full of useful Gen.
click here

  peter99co 17:38 23 Jun 2008

Deletion is an option and is fine I agree but a format is ocasionally a good idea to confirm the card is kept in good clean state, prior to taking more shots.

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