Difficulty logging in today. Why?

  canaries.lover 20:10 01 Aug 2012

Tried posting new subject earlier today and despite being logged in I was still directed to login screen where it constantly refused to recognise my password. New password still gave same result and I finally had to resort to registering as a new user. System still retains my user name though so I have had to do same as bing.alau and split my user name to register. Obviously I have now lost all my post history. When I tried posting this thread earlier I still got bumped off site so this is second attempt.

  Nontek 20:18 01 Aug 2012

Hmm very strange - and I thought everything was going so well today - at least, it is for me!

  wiz-king 21:17 01 Aug 2012

If you are using IE9 in compatibility mode then you get that sort of problem.

  Nontek 21:19 01 Aug 2012

BTW, I use Firefox 14.

  canaries.lover 08:09 02 Aug 2012

I was using Chrome at the time but I also tried Firefox. I got a page of script come up at first so I guess it was a site problem. Never use IE so that was not to blame.

  canaries.lover 09:18 02 Aug 2012

Now don't seem to be able to tick as resolved. Site doesn't like me!!!!

  Diemmess 09:30 02 Aug 2012

There was a period late yesterday afternoon when both Chrome and IE would not connect to email.

Favourite web sites including new visits were fine. All back to normal quite suddenly and has remained so.

Google Chrome at least acknowledged they were having difficulties.

  Forum Editor 23:23 02 Aug 2012

"Now don't seem to be able to tick as resolved. Site doesn't like me!!!!"

We do love you, rest assured. The problem you're having is associated with a recent database update that went badly wrong. Our data team is working to put things right, and I hope you'll soon find everything is back to normal.

In the meantime, please accept our apologies.

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