didnt notified change of address on drivin licenc

  spotabother 10:51 30 Jan 2008

Hi, Im in a pickle my own fault really & need some advice.
I have a paper driving licence & 5 years ago moved out from mums house into my own pad I filled out the forms & wrote new address on the back of the licence but never got round to getting photos done & have since moved twice now Im worried & want to do a change of address & get a new photo licence & this time REALLY do it but I dont know what to do as on my paper licence is old old address in my handwritting at the back but it wont corrospond with my new address & address licence is regestered to, Ive always changed log details & car tax details but never done this because of the getting photos done signitures ect so they have everything else correct just not this...some advice please..I was thinking of ripping my licence in 2 & sending one half back saying the other have got lost or just not sending it back & saying the whole thing is lost???

  dagbladet 10:58 30 Jan 2008

Why not just go to the post office and fill in the form?

  dagbladet 10:59 30 Jan 2008
  spotabother 11:00 30 Jan 2008

I got one this morning but as I say Im just a little worried as my licence will say one address on front a diff on back & Im changing to diff address again but never registered the written one on the back it the first place

  dagbladet 11:01 30 Jan 2008

See the link above.

  spotabother 11:04 30 Jan 2008

I suppose I could scribble out the old written address at the back & put the new one in & put the printed registered address as last registered address...how will they know I didnt write the wrong address at first ....duh!!! & if they do figure it out I suppose I just got to deal with the £1000 fine.

  bof:) 12:18 30 Jan 2008

why not put a letter in with your application form explaining whats happened. I'm sure you are not the first to be in this position.

  bjh 13:05 30 Jan 2008

I move a lot, and generally have two addresses simultaneously. The DVLA seem to be grateful that I keep them as up-to-date as I can. In your case, I'd send the form off, not worry too much about providing a lengthy expanation and I think (think, mind you) that they will be glad to have your details up-to-date.

You haven't been dishonest, just a bit chaotic.... and who isn't?

  Jpeg6785 13:54 30 Jan 2008

As bjh said they wont even bother they will be glad you kept them up to date, last year I was caught by speeding camera and prosecuted, the license was in my old address and the fine etc in the new (And like you with good intentions had already filled in the form when I moved house but didnt send off), I just sent my license in to have the points added and that was that not even metioned...

I then sent the form to the DVLA after, and they just changed the address, I had dated the signature aswell two years earlier.

  Chris the Ancient 14:47 31 Jan 2008

You can be fined up to £1000 for not keeping DVLA informed of change of address!

  Forum Editor 15:49 31 Jan 2008

Just explain exactly what you did, and I'm sure all will be well. They probably see a lot worse on an average day.

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