Did you sleep well last night...

  Quickbeam 08:25 28 Aug 2010

not even an itch? click here

  michaelw 08:46 28 Aug 2010

Just like my old mum used to say, 'Nite, 'nite, hope the bedbugs don't bite.

  morddwyd 08:50 28 Aug 2010

Not exactly a new story.

There have been several TV items about these over the last year or so.

They're the very devil to get rid of.

Difficult to follow the old tropical trick of dragging your bed outside into the sun for a day, supplemented by dowsing with lighter fluid and igniting it if it's a metal bedstead!

  Quickbeam 08:51 28 Aug 2010

"They're the very devil to get rid of."
I wouldn't know!

  morddwyd 19:47 28 Aug 2010

Just believe me, I know.

The only way I got rid of them was to return to colder climes, though it appears even that doesn't work anymore!

  rdave13 19:58 28 Aug 2010

A Dyson should give them a good fright! Vacume the mattress now and again. Trouble with bugs is we can't live with them and can't live without them.

  morddwyd 08:58 29 Aug 2010

You will also need to vacuum the pillows, the seams of the bedding (modern wash temperatures will not kill the eggs), the bed frame particularly where it attaches to the foot and headboards, the springs etc.

That's why we used to use lighter fluid!

They will also live in chairs, even non upholstered ones. Where shorts are the norm you will often see someone with lots of bites, quite unmistakeable, on the back of the knees.

In some places even standing the legs of the bed in paraffin didn't help; putting the light on at night would reveal them crawling up the walls and along the ceiling toe drop on the heat source below!

  Terry Brown 10:17 29 Aug 2010

It couldn't just be another way to whip up sales by Rentokil, could it?

Bed bugs have been with us for centuries and generally they feed on the dead skin on your body, in that way they help with keeping you healthy.

I agree don't let the problem get out of hand, but the easiest way to reduce the problem is to what our parents (and grandparents) did.

Open the window, get fresh (?) air into the house, shake the sheets and blankets out on a regular basis, and vaccumn the area regularly.


  Quickbeam 10:17 29 Aug 2010

I'll bet that lighting the paraffin would stop 'em...:)

  morddwyd 13:51 29 Aug 2010

"they feed on the dead skin on your body, "

They most certainly do not.

They bite and suck blood, ideally in a soft portion of the body. If you catch one and kill it it will be gorged with blood.

In my case the neck was targeted, with up to a dozen bites per night.

You are thinking of dust mites, which also live in mainly in bedding.

For those of you not familiar with them they are dark red (obviosly) almost rust coloured, eliptical in shape, up to 5mm in the longer axis and around 3 across.

You'll be in no doubt if you have them, and in many cases professional help is needed to eradicate them.

  Terry Brown 17:00 29 Aug 2010


I stand corrected.

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