Did you see. "The Gutenberg Press"

  Noels 11:36 24 Apr 2008

Last Sunday, BBC4, Stephen Fry and The Gutenberg Press. History of the printing press.
Repeated tomorrow 25th BBC2 9pm
I my opinion an excellent programme outlining the history and impact of the printing press. Well worth a watch.

  Belatucadrus 11:48 24 Apr 2008

I liked it, especially the part where Fry comes up with the spurious QI style pseudo-science explanation for the warm water in the paper mill, only to be told it's simply because it nicer to work with your hands in warm than cold water.

  Bingalau 17:40 24 Apr 2008

Noels. Thanks for that information, I meant to watch it but forgot. (I've been told it's age related). As an ex compositor and with some machine minding experience I am looking forward to it...

  Blackhat 17:53 24 Apr 2008

Thanks for the reminder, I only caught half the program last Sunday, I particularly enjoyed the reconstruction.

  Noels 18:30 24 Apr 2008

If its age related, its because you, me, us and whoever are of our age and generation, understand what it was to serve an apprenticeship and have to dot the I's and cross the T's. Many of the worlds greatest artists started working under their masters at the age of 10 or 11 years old so that by 20 they were produced masterpieces.
I'm afraid todays generation want the glory immediately without the discipline.
Gutenberg could never imagined the impact his printing would have on our world.

  TopCat® 19:08 24 Apr 2008

An excellent historical programme I enjoyed so much that I intend watching the repeat screening tomorrow.

For those interested, information about Johannes Gutenburg, his work and achievements can be found at click here TC.

  Noels 19:49 24 Apr 2008

Thanks for that. I have just printed off the details.
Years ago (perhaps 40) I was taken by German colleagues to Meinz to see the site of the Guttenberg press. They were very proud, I was very impressed.
It was part of civilisation in the making in the 1400's?

  the hick 20:08 24 Apr 2008

I must see this, father was a compositor, I have a couple of composing sticks, and a brass 'points rule'. Didnt Mark Twain have some input to printing, casting machines, perhaps?

  Bingalau 20:16 24 Apr 2008

Noels. It was the forgetfulness which I was referring to as being age related.

  Noels 22:37 24 Apr 2008

I'm also very forgetful. I take Ginkgo Biloba tablets for the memory.
Trouble is I can't remember where I put Them.
To you and yours

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