Did You Peek?

  laurie53 19:20 23 Apr 2009

I heard somebody use the word "peek" earlier today, and from the dark recesses of what passes for my mind I dredged up a faint memory of some obscure command from the days when we wrote our own Basic "Peek and Poke"

Anybody else remember this, or better still, what it was?

  sunnystaines 19:27 23 Apr 2009

click here

is this what you meant, never herd of any of it.

  canarieslover 19:30 23 Apr 2009

You could 'peek' a memory address to see the value that it held or 'poke' the address with a value. Poke was often used as a crack on games to increase the value of the address that held the 'lives' count and so enable many goes. Also used on speed controlling address to slow things down.

  wiz-king 19:33 23 Apr 2009

I had a BBC machine with a tape drive and have PEEKed at many a prog.

  laurie53 19:38 23 Apr 2009

That looks very much like it, but I cannot believe I was ever "au fait" with something that complicated! lol

  MAJ 19:39 23 Apr 2009

Yes on the Commodore 64 it, along with Poke, was a regular command used in Basic Programming. IIRC Poke 53280, (number) and Poke 53281, (number) change the Border and Screen colours, Poke (something else),255 let you have the key press repeating. I't's been a while though.

  Jim Thing 19:50 23 Apr 2009

Wonderful! On this forum I learn something new every day. Or in this case something old...

  sunnystaines 19:50 23 Apr 2009

anythink pre windows 95 and I am lost.

  MAJ 19:55 23 Apr 2009

LOL, it's amazing the rubbish that sticks in one's head, Jim Thing, Poke 53280 and 53281 will stay with me 'til I'm no more, but ask me what I did all last week and all you'll get is a blank look..........

  justme 20:45 23 Apr 2009

Perhaps I am showing my age but I am surprised that people do not know about peek and poke.

The words "peek" and "poke" are actual words with peek meaning to have a look and poke meaning to push something into a space. It therefore becomes quite logical that peek meant to look at a particular memory position and poke meant to change a memory position's value by pushing a value into that memory position.

When I first began programming (many years ago) I can remember sitting late into the night copying basic programs from a magazine and then trying to debug my typing errors. Peek and poke are now forever etched into my memory.

  caccy 21:17 23 Apr 2009

Ah reminds me of the good old days of machine code programming and all in hexadecimal none of that modern BASIC programming.

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