Did you pay nothing?

  realist 20:53 07 Nov 2007

I confess I did.

click here

  bluto1 21:16 07 Nov 2007

well, it was on offer, and your soubriquet speaks for itself. ;-]

  Forum Editor 23:06 07 Nov 2007

to learn that two thirds of people will, given the chance, download music and choose to pay nothing for it.

Not much changes. Years ago, when I lived in the country, we had a small orchard. It produced far more fruit than we could use, so my father used to put baskets of apples and pears out on a trestle table by the roadside with a notice saying 'Serve yourself - you decide how much to pay'. There was a plate for the money, and we could see it from an upstairs window. Many's the time we watched as people helped themselves to fruit and then, furtively glancing around, helped themselves to whatever money was on the plate.

  Si_L 23:36 07 Nov 2007

Should'av put the money in a box.

  Forum Editor 23:51 07 Nov 2007

we would have lost the box, too.

  Chegs ®™ 06:09 08 Nov 2007

I didnt pay either,but thats because I'm not a fan of Radiohead & therefore knew nothing of this download.

  Weskit 11:01 08 Nov 2007

Nail the box to the table?

  Legolas 12:30 08 Nov 2007

Nail their hands to the table more like.

  john bunyan 15:30 08 Nov 2007

I remember in London in the '40s and '50s it was common for street newspaper sellers to leave a flat cap out for people to put payment in and take papers when they went away for a break. No one would dream of stealing or not paying. Times change - we were poor but honest then! wou

  interzone55 17:18 08 Nov 2007

W H Smiths tried this with an "honesty" box by the newspapers, so instead of queuing you could drop the money in the box & take your paper - the box has now gone, so one would assume that most people didn't pay

  georgemac © 08:47 09 Nov 2007

I don't like them so never downloaded it!

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