Did violent video games cause London riots?

  simonjary 11:03 09 Aug 2011

Is there any truth in a policeman's claim that violent games such as Grand Theft Auto cause riots like the ones we're seeing in London and other UK cities right now?

This is already being debated on games sites, and is sure to crop up in the speeches of politicians returning early from their summer holidays.

We'd like to know your thoughts on computer games and real-life violence.

  Quickbeam 14:48 09 Aug 2011

I blame Waddington's for not increasing the value of the real estate on Monopoly boards over the years. In creating a totally disenfranchised technology greedy modern generation that can't cope with the previous halcyon generations thriftiness and low, but carefree life expectations, they are to blame.

What? That's no more ridiculous that the Grand Theft Auto theory!

They're just louts, get some of the strongarm police tactics in operation that I saw used during the great miners's strike, we'll get over the shock of a few getting over the top, heat of the minute baton charges. And then life will but go on.

  interzone55 13:59 09 Aug 2011

Utter tosh

The current level of lawlessness is caused by a break down of society in certain parts of this country.

Children are left to fend for themselves by parents who are too stoned / drunk / bone idle to raise their kids.

These kids have terrorised estates for years without a care, because the justice system doesn't have any effective way to handle them.

All that's been needed for the current riots to start is a single catalyst. What that catalyst was I don't know, but I'm damn sure it wasn't a PS3 game.

After the riots started other groups have joined in, it looks like the squatter group who attached the Tesco in Bristol have kicked off again, and the lad who was shot and killed in Croydon last night is probably a targeted attack that'll be blamed on the riots. More scores will be settled in a similar manner before this dies down...

  Grey Goo 20:49 09 Aug 2011

Perhaps we should invite the French CRS over for a spot of "Training"

  Snec 18:26 10 Aug 2011

fourm member

No argument from me. I'm sure lots of people had fathers like yours.

  daz60 16:50 09 Aug 2011

PS to above,

i recall the rubbish about playing records backwards you would hear the devil or something.So satanic worship mushroomed.!?

  Forum Editor 18:59 09 Aug 2011

A computer game is just that - a game - and a normal person is quite capable of creating a separation between what he or she does in a virtual world and what goes on in real life.

I don't believe that computer games influence the way that people behave in real life, but I do think that some films and TV programmes may do so. A film depicting real-life people carrying out acts of considerable violence without any apparent physical ill-effects might lead impressionable people to think they can behave in the same way on the streets.

That said, I don't for a moment think that the recent nights of sheer vandalism and looting have been motivated by anything more complex than a hatred of authority and unmitigated greed.

  Aitchbee 19:11 09 Aug 2011

I don't watch Tv because there is too much violence and skull-duggery on it...especially the soaps..Eastenders in particular. HB

  morddwyd 20:22 09 Aug 2011

"If violent games of mayhem and anarchy is one's only diet, then one's fantasy and reality merges."

Violence and mayhem and anarchy was the only diet for tens of thousands of young people, on both sides, between 1939 and 1945.

Most of them managed to separate their real lives from it when they got back home.

  Aitchbee 18:27 09 Aug 2011

I just phoned my brother who is an experienced Black-Cab taxi driver in London. He said most of the trouble was caused by young boys who see this violence as a step up from 'games'. He compared the trouble to a 'friday night in Castlemilk' - a Glasgow housing estate. His words. HB

  brindly 18:45 09 Aug 2011

What ever the cause it does not excuse what these people are doing to our city and our country, they don't riot when one of the gangs kill a member of another gang or some inoccent person. I would suggest we have a National Guard that can be called out in emergencies like this, like they do in America and give them the authority to shoot looters and fire bugs. Some time soon we have got to stand up and do the right thing, for too long we have shied away from upsetting the young dissaffected people of this country and allowed them to riot freely. It is sad to see my country setting such a poor example, I thought we were civilised.

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