Did I panic or what??!!

  Chris the Ancien 13:53 14 Oct 2006

Having a quiet morning, so decided to look at Registry Mechanic as recommended elsewhere in these hallowed halls.

Installed, tidied up. All looking good. And then it needs to restart.

Guess what... "System or Disc Error"


Tried booting of my XP disc. No luck!

Tried booting up of a backup. No luck!!

Imagine all the words I was using here about what Registry Mechanic had done to my PC. If I wrote them, FE would use the silver mouse pretty darned quick!


What do I do now?

I was really sure that, somehow, my HDD was corrupted (polite word!).


Then I noticed. But goodness knows how I noticed. A floppy in the drive. Because my computer really hates starting from cold (and I really mean hates - it takes all sorts of cajoling with warm air devices etc), it gets left on. So, I'm not sure how long that floppy had been there. I remember about two weeks ago needing one for something. Take out the floppy. Try again. Success.

What's the daftest thing you've done?

  spuds 14:33 14 Oct 2006

Embarrassed to tell, but I find Registry Mechanics a decent programme ;o)

  Chris the Ancien 14:58 14 Oct 2006

Go on... tell... ;o))

I did!

BTW Registry Mechanic does seem to look quite good. Does lots of things that needed more than one tuility before

  sean-278262 15:10 14 Oct 2006

Worst thing. Probably the time I put the computer back together and plugged it all in. Then it just wouldnt start. I opened it up checked everything. Took it appart and put it back. Modified it all. But still nothing. Soon enough I realised the power plug had fallen down the back of the desk and was out of sight and plugged it back in and tada! Magic really.

  Jak_1 18:35 14 Oct 2006

Easy done! You spend hours trying to solve why a pc won't play only to find that what you should have looked at first is the problem. I've done it myself, blush!

  Sapins 20:34 14 Oct 2006

Tried for hours to get a DVD to play, even spoke to tech support in the USA for 30 minutes, then I realised I had the DVD in the CD ROM draw!!

  wallbash 22:01 18 Oct 2006

Spent hours trying to get an audio signal.

Borrowed different speakers , had the box to pieces,
then realized that I had , not only on-board sound BUT also a separate sound card. Yes the audio lead was in the right coloured hole, but there were two !!!!

  Kev.Ifty 23:50 18 Oct 2006

Not trying to be clever but I have seen this loads of times. I do Tec support for my company and have had loads of calls for Non System Disk Error or Drive C Error.

I look forward to the easy ones lol.

The other day an Engineer called "I've changed the floppy drive and the green light just stays on" "Check the power cable it sounds like you may have it the wrong way round" I said. That was the problem.. sorted!

I wondered why he had removed the floppy drive in the first place so I asked! "Because it was saying Non system Disk Error, and I was told that is a problem with the Floppy Drive so I changed it!" he replied

"Is there a disc in the 'old' drive by any chance?" I asked "Oh S***! yes there is"
It is an easy and common mistake to make.

I today was waiting for a customers machine to boot up thinking it was taking an age, and wondering what I had done wrong, until I realised I had managed to turn the contrast so low the screen display would not work... Dooh.

I reckon that feeling between horror and relief, when we see the fault arise and then the solution dawns upon us. I think that feeling deserves it's own word.

'Scarelution' perhaps?


  Chris the Ancient 09:38 19 Oct 2006

With your 'contrast' one, I am reminded of many (and I mean many) years ago, when I was in the RAF, I was a radar techie.

I went out to the radar site to check and tune up the radar, switched on the display and nuffink! All the indicators worked, but no display.

I put my head to one side to scratch it and the display came up! Put my head back straight and the display went again!

It took a little while and then I realised. I was wearing polaroid sunglasses and the display had a 'daylight hood' on it which had a polarised screen in it!

At least it proved that my polaroid shades were genuine!

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