Did the earth move for you in Cumbria?

  Forum Editor 00:25 22 Dec 2010

There was a 3.6 earthquake underneath Cumbria,north Lancashire, south-west Scotland, parts of Yorkshire, Northumberland, and the Isle of Man at 23:00 tonight.

Do we have anyone in those locations who felt the tremor?

3.6 isn't much of a quake compared to most others, but it was enough to trigger an email to me from the US Geological survey monitoring system

  Seth Haniel 09:25 22 Dec 2010

from the roofs :)

  interzone55 09:40 22 Dec 2010

My girlfriend lives in Carnforth and didn't feel it, neither did her dog who can hear a rabbit fart 3 fields away...

  Quickbeam 09:46 22 Dec 2010

It seems that they were all tooo snug in their duvets in frozen cumbria to make the earth move...

  wiz-king 09:49 22 Dec 2010

Not felt down south. Bath and bed by 8.30 - man flu has struck - woke up at 4.30 this morning to start the day feeling a bit better.

  Bapou 10:48 22 Dec 2010

We are in SE Northumberland, this was news to us, so border area with Cumbria only may have been involved.

  birdface 14:04 22 Dec 2010

Thought FE may have had a few and got mixed up with Columbia rather than Cumbria but it looks like he got it right.

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  Forum Editor 14:24 22 Dec 2010

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