Did anyone miss this? the TAX MAN

  barca1 12:04 14 Mar 2008

Ouch this might hurt a few people..

click here

  Clapton is God 12:26 14 Mar 2008

Exactly what are these "tax records" they will demand to see?

I am a taxpayer and the amount of tax I pay is shown on my pay slips - which I keep for several years.

Those are the only tax records I have in the house (most of my banking is done online, so I don't have paper copies of bank statemnts in the house).

The tax man should already have a record of how much tax I've paid if my payroll department has done its job properly.

Presumably if there's a problem with those pay slips, I can refer the tax man to my payroll department?

  newman35 12:41 14 Mar 2008

Trust the Daily Wail to grab on this.

  iambeavis 12:43 14 Mar 2008

I think most of us shoud be safe enough.
A quote from the article - "Armed with their new powers, tax inspectors will be able to make "unannounced" visits to a person's home if they are suspected of failing to pay all their taxes.

The new laws are aimed at "business premises" only, but inspectors will be able to raid a private home if it is used for "business purposes".

This includes millions of the self- employed and small traders whose business is registered at their home address. "

  spuds 12:47 14 Mar 2008

It is the duty of all taxpayers to keep HM Revenue & Customs fully updated on 'any' tax details and change of circumstances. Some people perhaps tend to ignore this fact, and a visit would be possible due to a suspicion on someones tax affairs.

I pay tax on a monthly basis by PAYE arrangement, even though I am a registered pensioner and no longer work for a living. The taxman/lady as been extremely considerate and helpful to my needs ;o)

  birdface 13:04 14 Mar 2008

I think it will just be the self employed people that they are after.As you are P.A.Y.E you have no problems.

  newman35 13:10 14 Mar 2008

... and what a typical photo to accompany the 'article' - a little old lady with a tax inspector on her doorstep with his book open.
Frightening, eh?
Incredible if anyone can take this newspaper seriously (except right-wing fanatics).

  Quickbeam 14:05 14 Mar 2008

It's probably so they can check how lumpy your mattress is...:)

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