Did anyone experience the earthquake

  Forum Editor 00:15 27 Dec 2006

which shook Dumfries and Galloway on Boxing day morning?

Apparently it measured 3.5 on the Richter scale, so there would have been a fair amount of shaking going on.

  spikeychris 00:38 27 Dec 2006

Is the wall still standing?

There’s a sale on at B&Q if we all club together........

  rdave13 00:53 27 Dec 2006

Can't help but laugh.

  rodriguez 01:49 27 Dec 2006

I live about 250 mile away from there so I didn't feel anything. There was one about 4 mile away from me though in 2002 and that one woke me up. No damage to my house though, not even a loose roof tile and the Sky dish stayed in place. A few others who lived in Brick Kiln Lane, Dudley (which was the epicentre) had a little bit of damage though. I think that one measured 4.8 but I can't remember.

  Chegs ®™ 05:19 27 Dec 2006

I was(as usual)still awake from the day before,and decided that enough was enough and that I was going to speak to my neighbours about the incessant thumping and banging about day and night...only it then turned out to be a bloody earthquake.Mind you,the noise next door makes its a little hard to tell the difference between earthquake and them moving about.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:27 27 Dec 2006

this happened

click here

It woke me up and the whole house was shaking, quite scary. I think it was a 3.6

My wife slept through it and didn't believe me when I told her about it - until she heard it on the radio the next day. An experience I won't forget, a big one must be terrifying.

  Jackcoms 10:52 27 Dec 2006

Did any one experience an earthquake on Boxing Day?

Oh, come on.

With a large proportion of the population probably suffering a hangover that day, who the hell would be able to notice the difference between an earthquake and any other form and shaking and quivering?

  leo49 11:25 27 Dec 2006

My girlfriend said the earth moved.......

  mammak 22:21 27 Dec 2006

FE I live 50 miles from Dumfries never felt a thing, but the report said it was only within a 20 miles radious so I guess we were lucky.

spikeychris went and checked "the wall" is as strong as, no unwelcomes getting over this side then!

  jack 22:45 27 Dec 2006

Every Morning at about 6.30.......................

Its the cat - she wants her breakfast and is stamping all over me to get up and get it....................

  season8 17:55 28 Dec 2006

I can think of a few places i would prefer it to have hit..........starting with...........

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