Deportation of dying student

  realist 21:39 11 Jan 2008

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I find this news item particularly distressing.

Surely some compassion could have been shown?

It seems to me that even convicted criminals are not deported until after being allowed what is probably, for them, a comfortable stay at our expense in a UK prison.

  laurie53 21:54 11 Jan 2008

Not sure about this one.

If my wife could now get dialysis because this foreign national, a non-contributor to the NHS, wasn't taking up her place I might see things differently.

  anskyber 21:55 11 Jan 2008

I wondered if anyone would start a thread on this subject.

There may be things we do not know, but on face value the case shows a complete lack of compassion and has the look of sending someone home to die.

  anskyber 21:59 11 Jan 2008

There are plenty of people in this country who were born here who do not contribute either.

Are you suggesting that they should be denied access to medical treatment, the same principle surely?

  Armchair 22:13 11 Jan 2008

The government in Ghana know about her plight, and they have the medical facilities there to provide the same treatment she would receive over here. Why on Earth should we pay for her treatment when her own country can pay for it? If they're so concerned, let the government in Ghana pay for her treatment. It's just ridiculous. Of course she should go back.

  Kev.Ifty 22:14 11 Jan 2008

If a foreign national finds themselves in this country and in need of help I am inclined to say 'help them'. This country was supposed to be founded on Christian values of not turning ones back on the needy ect.

I could not have turned this woman away whilst then allowing all these Eastern European 20something men that stare at young girls in town, that seem not to have discovered car insurance. That are more likely to be here to avoid prosecution rather than persecution, and can bugger off back to their own country....

Sorry I seem to have become John Gaunt!!

lol Kev.

  Armchair 22:20 11 Jan 2008

Hehe, I live in a town (Consett, County Durham) where there are about a thousand Polish immigrant workers atm. They work hard for their living and have rapidly earned a reputation as "good grafters". There's been no trouble with their behaviour so far, either.

  Kev.Ifty 22:32 11 Jan 2008

We also have loads of Polish People in Coventry. They have open supermarkets to supply ethnic food, there are market stalls supplying Polish vegetables (whatever they are) and even Polish Hair Dressers. I wonder what a Polish hair cut is like?

The Polish people are making a great contribution to the economy. I wonder what the others are doing?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:19 12 Jan 2008

I'm sure that if I was on my last legs in Ghana, they would look after me.


  georgemac © 10:37 12 Jan 2008

One thing I would like to know is if she knew she had this illness before coming to the UK. Many people head for the UK knowing full well they can get free medical treatment on the NHS - and IMHO if that is what they come here for we should refuse treatment. I think it is different if you fall ill while here, but even then I think only the initial care required until the person is fit to travel back to their own country is all that should be provided.

Let's face facts, the burden on the NHS funded by the British taxpayer is big enough already without issuing an open invite to anyone else from somewhere that does not have a health service for treatment. When I go abroad I have to buy medical insurance (outside the EU) so I would expect visitors from non EU states coming to Britain to do the same.

The Ghananian high commissioner has a bit of a cheek asking the UK to take her back - if he was so concerned could he not ensure that his own country treats one of it's own citizens there

  ulrich 10:56 12 Jan 2008

If she was a criminal, she would be allowed to stay. Somewhere along the line the governments ideas of right and wrong have got mixed up. We spend millions of pounds on people who don't like us, but we look after them no matter what.

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