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  LinH 18:39 28 Mar 2008

We are off to Croatia in the summer and are seriously thinking of going to a dentist out there, mainly because of the huge price differential between dentistry in the UK and that in many countries abroad.

So, the question is this: has anyone been abroad for their dentistry and if so, what sort of experience did you have and was it that much cheaper?



  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:43 28 Mar 2008

click here you are best asking here.


  LinH 18:46 28 Mar 2008

GANDALF <|:-)>

Thanks for that, I've had a look at some "dentists abroad" websites but they would hardly be objective!


  lofty29 20:55 28 Mar 2008

We have a greek dentist in the UK under the NHS and he is the best I have ever been treated by.
Please do not ask what he earns!!!!!!

  Bingalau 20:57 28 Mar 2008

lofty29. I'm tittering at that one....

  Forum Editor 21:36 28 Mar 2008

in Hong Kong and in Thailand - excellent in both cases, but certainly not cheaper than here.

Croatia isn't a place I've ever visited, so I can't comment, other than to say I see no reason why you shouldn't get good treatment.

  LinH 22:43 28 Mar 2008

Thanks for the replies and lofty29, the old ones are the best!


  Quickbeam 09:20 29 Mar 2008

I have an accountant married to a Pole. He has all his dental work done while visiting her family and gives the greatest praise for the quality and price. I'm going to take his advice and use the same one for some crowns and root canal work sometime as soon as convenient. This treatment is extortionately expensive here.

  spuds 11:07 29 Mar 2008

If you use a well known recommended and respected dentist on visits abroad, you should be fairly save. But if things go wrong on your return to the UK, then getting correction work may prove difficult, especially if it is via the NHS.

A neighbour of mine often visits Poland, and he would recommend the service given there as first class.

I have used dentists in Denmark, Barbados and Sarawak, and all did a first rate job for a very reasonable price. In fact the dentist in Denmark, replaced and corrected the work that a UK dentist had done a few days earlier. He wasn't very impressed as to the UK's dentist standard of workmanship, I wasn't impressed neither,because I had raging toothache on my arrival to Denmark, and urgent assistance was required (managed to get reimbursement of costs). Would perhaps also mention, that in Barbados I was directed to a local recommended dentist, but decided to seek attention at a more 'upper class' establishment!. So choose someone, were your gut instinct tells you the surroundings are right.

  hssutton 12:43 29 Mar 2008

If the rest of the country, have as many Polish dentists as we have in the area of Lincolnshire where I live, then there will be very few left in Poland :)

Must admit to being very pleased that they are here.

  Noldi 19:17 29 Mar 2008

click here

There are many companys like this now. My wife had some dental treatment in Croatia and her last check up in England the Dentist remarked how good the work was done.

I did see a program last week about people going abroad for IVF treatment also now.


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