The demise of Rugby Union,

  Quickbeam 13:49 17 Feb 2009

as we know it click here

10 more years and we'll have prima donna props and hoohers, and an even worse national side as no natural English players will be left over here... mark my words, I've predicted it here first:(

  HondaMan 13:53 17 Feb 2009

So, what's new. This country has gone to the dogs.

We had the jet engine - and gave it away
We had Concorde - the Americans didn't like it and eventually we took it out of service
We ruled the world - and threw it away
We were an island - and dug a bloody great hole and let everyone in.

So sports are a very very minor concern

  interzone55 14:10 17 Feb 2009

If this country has gone to the dogs perhaps you'd like to find a better place to live.

I think you'll find most of the world has either gone down the toilet, or is on the rim waiting for someone to flush...

  Sara K 17:40 17 Feb 2009

cheer up

cheer up

CHEER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Forum Editor 18:50 17 Feb 2009

and there are glass half empty people.

I belong to the first group - all will be well.

  AL47 18:55 17 Feb 2009

i looking for a way out.. got my eye on an 'almost dream job'

please dont let rugby go the way of football...

  interzone55 19:36 17 Feb 2009

Can't comment for Rugby Union, but living in the M62 corridor I'm exposed to Rugby League a lot, and it's much, much worse than football.

The league is set up to extract as much money from TV as possible, with a play off to decide the league winner at the end of the season purely to add an extra 4 games (isn't the league champion the one who finishes the season at the top?)

Most games seem to be played to half empty stadia, with TV shots carefully chosen to skip the empty stands.

  newman35 20:33 17 Feb 2009

I reckon the rot set in when RL clubs started calling themselves 'Warriors', 'Bulls' etc.
Pure hype, pure turn-off for me.

  AL47 22:45 17 Feb 2009

yes, very american those!

im not so hot on league, i always enjoyed, [and wnted to ply myself] 7s

too many sports are being ruined by money, im glad i never got suckered into football, season tickets are shocking!

  laurie53 07:11 18 Feb 2009

Rugby union is like all other sports, once people start doing them for money, rather than fun or simply competition, they lose that essential something.

Having said that, no-one can be blamed for using whatever talent they have to make a living.

  DippyGirl 10:23 18 Feb 2009

Having been a Rugby fan for years it is sad to see teams adopting a RL type names - Clubs have often had nicknames like Leicester but to incorporate into the name is a bit contrived.
Also what is the difference between Rugby players going to play in France to footballers going to play in Spain or Italy?
It is now these peoples livelihood - you go where the ££s are, and given a short career could end with a miss-judged tackle I think they have to take what opportunities are available.
Still a great sport to watch .....unless you are an England fan of course!

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