The demise of the gift token

  realist 00:11 01 Dec 2008

No more of those lovely paper M&S gift tokens this year... only those wretched plastic cards which you have to get credited with your chosen gift amount and then leave a receipt in the gift card.

They told me it was "for the environment" but how is that so? More plastic is really better than more paper?

This is not nearly so convenient for me as I normally give "Mrs r" 10 x separate £5 gift tokens with her xmas box and that keeps her happily popping in to M&S to use one now and again buy the occasional food treat or whatever.

Yes, I do the same for her birthday etc. My generosity knows no bounds it seems.

From now on I shall have to salvage as many £5 notes as I can to give her instead and cut out the middle man.

I asked for ten fivers in the Nationwide and they acted like I'd asked for gold dubloons or something!

  dagnammit 00:37 01 Dec 2008

We still have paper ones... but you have to ask specifically for them.

  Mike D 07:46 01 Dec 2008

Iwas told (when I recently purchased one) that the losses through theft with the paper ones were getting to the point where it was not worth selling them. With the plastic ones, whilst the can be stolen, there is no risk because the have to be activated.

  DANZIG 08:38 01 Dec 2008

I think the plastic ones are better, they can be re-credited (is that a word) with more cash if needed. They don't get all torn to pieces in my wallet and personally, I think they look better.

They must be cheaper to produce in the long run as well.

  interzone55 09:43 02 Dec 2008

The plastic tokens are much better for both parties.

1) As a customer you can choose the amount to put on the card, and it can be spent a bit at a time.

2) As a retailer they don't have to ring fence any money until it is put on a card - with the paper tokens the money was ring fenced as soon as the tokens are printed, eg £1000 of tokens printed is essentially £1000 of cash that the retailer has to put aside until spent whether the tokens are in the till waiting to be sold, or in the potential customer's birthday card.

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