Dell Pop-up

  ened 16:37 26 Nov 2006

I just want to say that this is no longer my most visited site.

I always used to keep a browser window open on this Forum but this infuriating pop-up which appears sporadically has stopped that.

If anybody from Dell is reading they should know that this sort of thing actually puts people off their products.

I expect someone will say it is easy to click off but that isn't the point, especially as I would have expected better from what is probably the most comprehensive, helpful and fair Forum on the net.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:20 26 Nov 2006

Don't let the door hit you in the butt as you leave.

There have been countless discussions on how to stop pop ups so why don't you take heed and do something yourself instead of letting everyone else do your work? You must have more in life to complain about. The advert appears why not just click to close it or hey!, here's a novel idea, why not click on the adverts and help the site rather spending time whining about something that you can fix?


  GaT7 19:26 26 Nov 2006

ened, could you provide a screenshot please? I used 3 different browsers but couldn't see this Dell (or any other) pop-up. I've been frequenting this forum for the last 3+ years & cannot recall any annoying Dell pop-ups.

Perhaps your inbuilt browser/Google Toolbar pop-up blockers aren't working as they should at times? G

  Al94 21:01 26 Nov 2006

I was getting it at times, easy to solve, in IE7, tools, pop up blocker, pop up blocker settings, remove PCA from allowed sites - solved! Don't allow pop ups from the site in future should ebd your woes! Hope you find this more useful than the tone of the post from G which the forum could well do without.

  Al94 21:03 26 Nov 2006

PS - nowt against Dell, I luv em to bits. Just don't like pop ups!

  Forum Editor 22:52 26 Nov 2006

I can no longer summon up the energy to explain why we need advertising revenue to survive - I've done it until I'm blue in the face.

Suffice it to say that the next time you're thinking about how this is "probably the most comprehensive, helpful and fair Forum on the net." You might spare a moment to think about the considerable cost of keeping it going, and instead of taking Al94's negative advice you might waste a few seconds of your life and actually click on an ad - thereby helping us enormously. Look upon it as a small way of repaying the forum for being so comprehensive, helpful and fair.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:23 26 Nov 2006

You need to get real. This has been debated many times and the answer is easy to find with a few mouse clicks. The idea of how much this site costs must be alien to to fund it? Stop nannying to people that have minor problems and get them to doa bit of research or even click on the adverts and do something useful. Your advice is way off mark. Why don't you try to help the site instead of shafting it?


  ened 06:44 01 Dec 2006

Well, for a week or so now I have been puzzling over a tracking cookie which is being detected by Spybot.

The last site I would have suspected was this one, but this morning I turned my machine on, ran Spybot and it was clear. I came online and visited this site and no other, got the Dell pop-up, disconnected and ran Spybot again - voila!

The same cookie has been detected.

So unless someone can offer an explanation it would seem this Dell thing is not quite as innocent as it is being made out to be.

  lisa02 09:11 01 Dec 2006

click here

Cookies are harmless just clear them every now and again. Though you'll find sites won't then remember you or some shopping sites won't work.

click here I think he wants your cookies.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:19 01 Dec 2006

There is a wealht of info about tracking cookies freely available on the net. They are harmless and ALL they do is provide anonymous info to advertisers for statistical analysis. Spybot shows it because it is a tad sensitive but the cookie is not harmful unless you are paranoid. Does this explain it?


  ed-0 09:33 01 Dec 2006

The cookie is from PCA and not Dell. All the cookie does, is to log you in to PCA the next time you visit. Very sinister and very dangerous, I think not.

You visit any site that you need to log in, you'll get a cookie. Delete these cookies after you browse and you will need to resign in when you visit the site again. Thats what they are there for, to help YOU. Not some sinister plot from a subversive underground section of the KGB /CIA to track your whole life. Get real.

As to the advertisements, as I have said before, do a click or two a day, help the site to be free. It really beats me that people visit the site to get free help will there problems, have a decent discussion or post here to help others. Surely clicking on the odd add is better that digging through your wallet / purse to get your credit card out, to pay for this help or service. Believe it or not, but they are some computer help services that charge you, for helping you.

I think you may find in the not to distant future that some of the larger computer help forums may start asking for subscriptions due to the high cost of running the service.

Remember when PCA has the occasional hiccup and goes down. We all moan like mad about it but who gets off their backsides to try and fix it. Who provides the software to constantly update the site. The list goes on. It all costs money.

All this constant moaning and bickering for the sake of a couple of clicks.

>>>>>>> shakes head in disbelief <<<<<<<<<<

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