Deleted posts?

  natdoor 10:29 05 Nov 2010

I assume that this is the reason for discrepancies between information on the forum page and in thread. For example, click here indicates the latest post to be on 02/11 whereas the frum pge shows one on 04/11. I would have thought that itwould be a simple automated task to keep the two in line.

  natdoor 10:59 05 Nov 2010

Well, thanks to Simsy's interesting post, they are now in agreement.

  Quickbeam 11:06 05 Nov 2010

You haven't lived if you've never had an 'editorial deletion' by the headmaster...

  Quickbeam 11:08 05 Nov 2010

...I wonder if there's a little black e-book somewhere listing us all?

  sunnystaines 14:10 05 Nov 2010

even i have had a couple deleted, and i don't even get stroppy.

  lotvic 14:19 05 Nov 2010

Oh good, that must mean that I've lived :))
First one was quite upsetting though - many years ago. I sulked for days... :(

  michaelw 14:49 05 Nov 2010

You're lucky. I've been castigated, and that was painful.

  961 15:08 05 Nov 2010

My first deletion was last week after 7 years on the forum

Not abusive, offensive, libellous

Just a difference of opinion

Since then I've had three

I am not a happy bunny

Perhaps I've been here too long

  natdoor 15:37 05 Nov 2010

I am sorry if anyone has had,in their opinion, inoffensive posts deleted. My point, however, was that I find it frustrating to see from the "latest post" on a thread that there has been further input to a post in which I have been interested, only to find that the heralded post is not there. If it is deleted from the thread, its details (time and date) should be replaced by the information relevant to the latest available post i.e. the one immediately pre-dating it.

  961 15:44 05 Nov 2010

Sorry, and with respect for your view, I don't agree with that

The current system does allow us to see that a post has been deleted

I think that is important

  Forum Editor 16:30 05 Nov 2010

when they see their post deleted - it's easy (and fairly natural) to feel a sense of affront. I get emails telling me I'm stifling debate, deleting people who don't agree with me, etc.,etc., but it's really not like that.

Years ago I used to write to every person whose post I had deleted, explaining why it was done, but it tended to drag the whole thing on. I would get great long responses, full of reasons why I shouldn't have done it.

The bottom line is, for better or worse I'm the Forum Editor, and I have a job to do. There's no way that everyone will agree with everything I do, but there just isn't time in a fast-moving forum to debate each and every case. I don't send written explanations any more, and I don't enter into discussions - if you have a post deleted just remember you're joining a club that has thousands of members, and tomorrow the sun will still rise.

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