Default retirement age will be scraped next year

  mr simon 10:10 29 Jul 2010

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Still in the younger half of my twenties, this won't have much impact on me, but I am glad common sense has shone through on this one.

  john bunyan 10:15 29 Jul 2010

Yes - I am retired, but can think of problems . EG a "boss" , higly paid and autocratic, staying in the way of up and coming more highly trained folk who at say 45 - 50 find their promotion blocked. We could end up as Japan once was, with a very old top tier in paid work.

  Quickbeam 10:27 29 Jul 2010

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They may have to do some more work to get it through.

  Quickbeam 10:34 29 Jul 2010

Of course some groups of manual workers bwill bot necessarily welcome an increased retirement age.

When you blook at ground workers for instance, they look to be physically knackered well beforw 60. Will a first world nation requirw these to work until there 70?

  Quickbeam 10:36 29 Jul 2010

Sigh, I'll get my glasses out of the car before I taype anymore today.

  john 52 10:44 29 Jul 2010

The problem is if a company wants to show you the door there are ways and means to make it so difficult for to continue to work there !! Even with employment tribunals available to workers it does and will happen !!
But my thoughts are by doing this they have taken jobs out of the job market for younger people !!
Myself I just cannot see were all the new employment is coming from !!
I do not know if people can remember when workers were being offered enhancements by the Government to retire at 60 years old to create employment for younger workers

  spuds 11:38 29 Jul 2010

They whole 'senior citizen' procedures wants looking at and revising.

In my full working years, I always stated that the government should make the necessary provisions, that when anyone had 'paid into the system' they should obtain all the benefits in old age. If this was done by increased taxes or special payments,then so be it.

At present, I tend to find that most senior citizen's are in a catch 22 situation, I know for sure I am, and so is most of my neighbours and friends.

I know I have tried to provide for my older years, but it hasn't quite worked to plan. I have pensions outside the government one, and the 'private' pensions have shown no increase in benefits over the past two years. Yet at the same time the administration fees seem to increase, for less work.

(My rant for the day)

  Kevscar1 11:52 29 Jul 2010

so keep the olds on so the young uns can't get work and have to live on the benefits the people who have worked for 50 years won't be getting.

Anyone see something wrong in this.

  spuds 12:08 29 Jul 2010

Perhaps many senior citizens are having to 'stay on' or seek work in supermarkets, because most of the young uns regard this type of non-professional employment 'unsuitable' ;o(.

  Grey Goo 12:09 29 Jul 2010

Looks like you need to put the glasses back in the cocktail cabinet.

  sunnystaines 13:06 29 Jul 2010

can you still claim state pension if your still working?

I think thats fair to scrap the 65 rule, if your fit and competent then you should be able to carry on.

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