Dec 04 Issue

  Bob The Nob© 09:54 08 Nov 2004

If you haven't read Dec 04 issue that this doesn't apply to you.

If you have then you will be shocked about the letter/ email send in to the magazine that was on the helpline section.

Its about the 2nd or 3rd letter and the person was having trouble with Norton Anti-Virus 2002.

He got an IT 'engineers' advice (the engineer came to his house) which was format the hard drive which was the C: as Norton Anti-virus would not uninstall.

He tried to format the HDD through windows which inturn brought an error box up saying 'Cannot format the hard drive as windows is usong it' or someting along those line.

Well the 'engineer' said he needed a new HDD. I'm no engineer but even I know that the drive containing windows cannot be formatted using windows as windows is using it.

Is anybody else shock at this advice. If an idiot can called him/herself an IT 'engineer' then what is the world coming to???????


  no-name 10:04 08 Nov 2004

Hi Bob The Nob© I had a similar experience with a so-called TV engineer.

Unfortunately it happens in all walks of life. I now only deal with reputable local companies and/or personal recommendations.

  spuds 10:24 08 Nov 2004

The worlds going crazy with all these fancy titles people want to use, so as to give a good impression.In my day a Environmental Safety and Health Hygienic Collection Officer was called a Dustbin Man.Best as stated, use someone who as been recommended, then 60% of the battle is already won.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:28 08 Nov 2004

Try taking your car to a garage and see what that bunch of rogues say (75% in a recent survey told major porkies) ;-)) There is no need to be 'shocked', this happens in everything that we do.


  Bob The Nob© 10:32 08 Nov 2004

.... Even with basic knowledge you should know you can't format a windows drive in windows. Im only 15 (nearly 16) and I know that and its basic knowledge. The 'engineer' should go to coledge or something to do jobs properly.


  Forum Editor 19:02 08 Nov 2004

a duplicate thread?

You'll have to format your hard drive Bob The Nob© - something's obviously wrong with your computer.

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