Death threats by e-mail

  Jimbo Blue 14:48 26 Feb 2008


I thought this deserves publicity as well as the perpetrator being dealt with very harshly, if they get caught.

I have today received 2 death threats by e-mail from different (alleged) addresses and view this as a very unpleasant turn for the worse. In essence the mails say that the writer has been paid to KILL me! And, by a well known friend. The writer offers to not kill me on payment of $15,000. This is starting to look familiar? Upon payment up front of $8,000 they will pass to me tapes of all conversations between the writer and my 'friend'. (Yeah, with friends like that ...) After I get the tapes I pay the other $7,000.

Now whilst this is clearly a scam I do feel it's extremely unpleasant and could well really frighten some people, even into paying. Yes, I have reported it to the police but, well, you know. Incidentally they told me that they can only treat this as a nuisance mail because it can only be a death threat if issued face to face!!

I think this type of crass stupidity and downright evilness needs to be exposed as widely and quickly as possible before something bad happens.

Regards to you all


  €dstowe 15:24 26 Feb 2008

Tell your ISP.

Have you asked your "friend" about this?

Is this information so dire that it would do you terminal harm if revealed? If it wouldn't, tell whoever it is to get stuffed.

I'm certain that I've ever said anything that would be worth killing for, have you?

  Clapton is God 15:25 26 Feb 2008

Most ISPs have a generic abuse@ address.

Forward the e-mail to that address at the sender's ISP. They may at least close his/her account with them.

  jack 15:25 26 Feb 2008

sf good- and should be reported to your ISP for starters, and any other 'Net Watchdog' that may be mentioned.

You can not be physically harmed by E-mail so if your are not daunted by this sort of thing you could follow it through a bit to see where it goes- that is short of sending any money.

If you received your E-mail into your machine by the normal - E-mail client route[Outlook Express etc.] you might like to consider looking at your mail on the server first with the E-mail program switched off.
Such material can then be deleted here before it gets to your machine.

  Jimbo Blue 16:06 26 Feb 2008

Thanks to Edstowe, Clapton is God (are you sure? He's good but...)and Jack.

Edstowe, how can I ask my 'friend' if I don't know who it is? Anyway it's clearly a scam but a really unpleasant one.

Clapton is God? and Jack, thanks, yes I will report it to the ISPs involved. If I get more then I may look to looking at mail on the server rather than downloading. Jack, I am not daunted by idiots who send out such stupid e-mails and I would love to find who it is and apply pressure in a very sensitive area! However, I have businesses to run and don't feel inclined to waste time on this perv. I just want others to be aware.

Regards to you all


  dukeboxhero 16:27 26 Feb 2008

Jimbo Blue you didnt forget the wifes birthday by any chance?

  tillybaby 16:42 26 Feb 2008

Well I for one would be very upset to receive an e-mail with death threats in it. It's just a good job that Jimbo Blue realised straight away that it was some sort of scam but not everyone is that alert and what does come across also is that these people always seem to know quite a bit about your personal life, that makes it even more worrying,

The police are tied up with so much red tape these days that it does make it virtually impossible for them to do a good job and lets face it, the criminals know this.

  €dstowe 16:42 26 Feb 2008

I didn't realise the friend wasn't revealed.

  wee eddie 18:22 26 Feb 2008

If you open any Spam, it tells the Spammer that you are a live Address.

Delete all Spam without opening. Then you will never know if you are condemned to a gory death or the recipient of a small fortune.

  mark2 18:23 26 Feb 2008

It's a variation of the 419 scam, except people are perhaps more likely to answer than the normal run of the mill scams. Who knows why? fear ? Rest assured they have no knowledge of who or where you are, unless of course you reply to them.

  Forum Editor 19:04 26 Feb 2008

whatever the origin, must be a trifle disconcerting, and one wonders at the kind of mind that produces such an idea.

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