Death of George Melly

  Stuartli 10:05 05 Jul 2007

Sad news today that George Melly, who has suffered poor health for some time despite working until very recently, has died at the age of 80.

A remarkable man, he was not only highly entertaining on stage, but also a notable lecturer on the history of art and TV and radio critic.

  ventanas 10:07 05 Jul 2007

Very sad. His music was superb.

  wee eddie 10:40 05 Jul 2007

I think that the term larger than life fitted him well.

I saw him in the Sixties and I don't think he mellowed, his intensity appeared to stay with him. What a fellow.

  Jim Thing 13:01 05 Jul 2007

George M. was a genuine one-off, never better than in his early days with the Mick Mulligan band. "Larger than life" as wee eddie says.

Are there any truly memorable people left in the music business? We still have Humph of course, but who among the current crop is likely to be considered a national treasure (or even remembered at all) in forty or fifty years' time?

  Forum Editor 17:44 05 Jul 2007

is the poorer for the loss of someone like George. I met him on a few occasions, and he was always the same eccentric, outspoken, likeable character. His music was the same, and I'm sad he's gone.

I've just returned from the funeral of a friend of mine who was also a memorable character - an eminent scientist, who contributed a great deal to this country's nuclear research programme.

Such people enrich our society, and they'll be missed.

  Stuartli 19:06 05 Jul 2007

George Chisholm was another great entertainer as well as a fine musician; Nigel Kennedy (where is he these days?) is also noted as being a little over the top, but encourages younger people especially to enjoy a wider range of music.

  postie24 19:13 05 Jul 2007

Hes had enough
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  VoG II 19:39 05 Jul 2007

He was certainly a one-off although his music was not to my taste. There is an excellent obit click here

  Jim Thing 19:41 05 Jul 2007

"George Chisholm was another great entertainer as well as a fine musician..."

Indeed he was. Top American jazzmen visiting UK used to make a point of going to hear him play.

GC was also a genuinely nice bloke who never forgot a face or a favour. Our paths crossed quite a few times.

  Jim Thing 19:55 05 Jul 2007

Thanks for the link to that splendid obituary. Took me back more than half a century it did.

Had a bit of a giggle at 'Willy Fawkes' though — I thought that sort of thing only happened in Kate B's paper.

[Ducks and runs for cover]

  Belatucadrus 21:22 05 Jul 2007

"When not touring, he divides his time between residences in Malvern, Worcestershire and Kraków, Poland."
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