Deal Struck in Fuel Row

  peter99co 21:44 17 Jun 2008


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  [email protected] 23:05 17 Jun 2008

i really dont think they are helping themselves by telling everyone what a fortune they earn for a driving job. im sure a lot of class 1 temps going 30 multi drops round shops in cornwall would kill for 36k a year, my uncle drove for them and always thought he had it very good even had a final salary pension at age 55.
i bloody hate whingers, if you think you're under payed in your job get another one!

  Quickbeam 09:29 18 Jun 2008

There's an awful lot of sour grape faces being pulled over this on different threads... Do you pull these face at everyone paid more than you, or is there still a white collar/blue collar divide?

All aspects of work are paid on skill ability and a willingness to get dirty and graft.

Twenty years ago I quit bakery management that came with the usual management perks. I went into road haulage and was 25% better off in renumeration, but no perks, it worked out about the same in the pocket... but I was a lot happier.

There's a big skill shortage in various dirty trades because we're conditioning school leavers into thinking if they get a degree they'll get better work. But a glut of degree holders drags down the wages in traditional white collar jobs... Supply and demand dictates the wages of any job.

If anyone isn't happy with their lot, it's time to risk all and make a change.

  Pine Man 09:47 18 Jun 2008

I don't think it's a case of envy more a case of being grossly unfair and certainly not in the best interests of the country as far as inflation and the economy goes.

The 'Shell' tanker drivers are no more or less skilled than any other Class 1 driver. Their jobs are no more dirty or onerous than any other Class 1 driver BUT they do have the ability to hold the country to ransom!

Can you really see the country coming to a standstill if, for example, lorry drivers delivering bread or beer went on strike?

  Pine Man 09:48 18 Jun 2008

...maybe I shouldn't have included beer;-)

  [email protected] 10:56 18 Jun 2008

when i was young i drove a 5.5 ton delivery vehicle for nearly 5 years for minimum wage, simply because i was too lazy to do a proper job! nobody breathing down your neck. i dont envy the shell drivers, i just think a quick reality check maybe in order.

  Cymro. 11:42 18 Jun 2008

Why is it that so many seem to have a grudge for the Shell tanker drivers? So they earn over 30 grand a year and went on strike for more.

We live in a capitalist society where workers are free to strike for more wages as long as they do so within the law.

Many don`t earn anything like as much and for various reasons can`t go on strike to improve their lot, but that is not the fault of the Shell drivers.

When workers get themselves properly organized as the Shell drivers are they are in a much better position to argue with their employers for better wages and conditions.

There is no point in criticizing the Shell drivers because they are able to get a better deal from their employers than we can get and their is certainly no point in being jealous of what they have achieved for themselves with this strike.

The strike itself was more of a storm in a teacup than anything and was of little inconvenience to most of us anyway.

  galeforce8 14:21 18 Jun 2008

I have HGV1 & Full ADR & HazChem Certificates to carry fuel, ammo & nuclear cargo.
But getting into driving fuel tankers is a closed shop!
They may be the elite in the pay scales of HGV drivers, but this has opened up to the public what these people really get!

  Cymro. 14:35 18 Jun 2008

"But getting into driving fuel tankers is a closed shop! They may be the elite in the pay scales of HGV drivers, but this has opened up to the public what these people really get"

Whatever they get they have fought for and the best of luck to them I say. As for it being what you call a closed shop it depends what exactly you mean be closed shop. If you mean that you have to be a member of the same trade union as them, well that is standard practice in many industries and is part of the reason why they are better paid than some others.

  Chegs ®™ 17:23 18 Jun 2008

In a joint statement, haulage firms Hoyer UK and Suckling and the union, Unite, said that they were "pleased to confirm that they have successfully concluded pay talks".

Surely if Shell dont want the drivers to interfere with deliveries then a change of contractual hauliers is on the cards.

  Cymro. 17:26 18 Jun 2008

Shell just want to make things better not worse.

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