Deal Or No Deal Is On Soon.

  Big L 266 15:12 21 Feb 2011


Just thought you'd like to know my favourite TV programme is on so I'll be off to watch it. Will you be watching as well? Its a frightfully grand viewing experience and lots of fun to watch.

Big L 266

  smokingbeagle 15:22 21 Feb 2011


  peter99co 15:28 21 Feb 2011

I can't believe Noel is still doing it. He must enjoy it as well. Could you handle 6 years of doing the same job like that?

It must be the money. I used to watch but it became boring after a while.

How do the competitors put up with being on the show day after day? Or do they record a whole series in a short time like Bullseye? They used to record a series in a couple of weeks I think.

  muddypaws 15:37 21 Feb 2011

Big L 266
I am guilty---I watch it. Sad.
Still puzzles me how the contestant of the day manages to get family there.
It was explained once, but have forgotten. I assume the audience are related to all contestants.

  MAT ALAN 15:42 21 Feb 2011

3 shows a day 2 in the morning 1 in the afternoon.
the audience for the morning shows watch both and are moved around so you see diferent people,

  interzone55 15:50 21 Feb 2011

I honestly can't see the point of this program. I've never watched it and never will.

The new Saturday night lottery program is similar, but at least they've added some questions to enliven the show...

  Bapou 15:51 21 Feb 2011

Someone we know was a competitor a couple of years ago. He and his wife were down in Bristol for two weeks, three or four episodes per day were recorded. Free travel, full board accomodation, free bar etc etc. Didn't win a big amount but as he said, it paid for a holiday and they had a marvellous two weeks.

They had to promise not to reveal anything about his episode, it was actually broadcast months later.

It was the only episode I bothered watching although missus enjoys it every day.

  dagbladet 16:02 21 Feb 2011

I like the concept, I hate the product. For me it's a 22 minute show max (standard commercial half hour segment) stretched into an eternity. “Mary has never let me down” followed by the £250,000 box, “I’m so sorry”, “Don’t worry Mary, it wasn’t your fault”. Of course it wasn’t Mary’s fault!

My version would be over in 10 minutes, “pick a box...right, pick another box…never mind having a hug…pick another blooming box!!’ve won £500 well done….NEXT!!!”

The fact that Noel Edmonds, a man who I find inherently irritating, continues to enthral millions at home with all the “Susan came in here with a destiny” and the periodic fancy dress ‘theme weeks’ amply demonstrates why his car is worth more than my house.

  Clapton is God 16:08 21 Feb 2011

I rather think that you need to get a life

  dagbladet 16:18 21 Feb 2011

C i G

Hey steady on. I hate the programme too, but why is it that someone who enjoys different things to you, has no life? Who made you the arbiter of what is and isn't worthy?

  gengiscant 16:32 21 Feb 2011

Personally I think its rubbish,but each to their own.

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