A deal has been agreed for Ched Evans to play for Oldham Athletic

  Forum Editor 18:16 07 Jan 2015

says the BBC website

So, that's all OK is it? A man who has steadfastly refused to show an ounce of remorse for what he did, has failed to apologise, and insists that he 'did nothing wrong' even though he was convicted of rape by a jury is a suitable candidate as a sporting role model is he?

  Belatucadrus 18:31 07 Jan 2015

I still don't see why he was released, his refusal to accept responsability for his actions would seem a prime reason for making him serve the whole tarif. It would appear to be fiscal suicide by Oldham, one sponser has already said they'd part company with the team if they hire him and a significant chunk of the fan base is less than happy.

  Forum Editor 18:34 07 Jan 2015


One sponsor (Verlin Rainwater Solutions) has withdrawn its support as a result of the announcement.

  mole1944 18:43 07 Jan 2015

He is unemployable in any sports,no remorse shown at all for his actions,i'm with you F.E.on this one.

  Al94 18:44 07 Jan 2015

Juries have convicted innocent people in the past. There has to be at least a possibility that is why he shows no remorse.

  john bunyan 20:55 07 Jan 2015


Good post- I agree with you.

  carver 21:02 07 Jan 2015

I'm of the opinion that he has served his time and that is it, as stated he is appealing his conviction and after the evidence that has come forward that wasn't allowed at the trial he could be found not guilty or at least a retrial ordered.

What would your opinion be then if he is found not guilty, he will have served a prison term even thought he may have done no wrong.

He has never denied having sex with her and it's not the first time she had accused other men of raping her.

Or is it a case of mob rule, it isn't all that long ago that these people were considered guilty

  Quickbeam 21:02 07 Jan 2015


In which case he should have lain low until the appeal has been heard.

  Quickbeam 21:18 07 Jan 2015

The interested clubs should have held back, as if he isn't cleared, then he remains found guilty, and they will have a double yolked egg on there faces.

He's has complained that he shouldn't be prevented from being able to resume his previous career, yet there are dozens of professions and jobs that he would never again be able to resume. Teaching, policing, health care, school janitor, taxi driver, pool attendant to name but a few. Even in his football club, he won't be able to take part in any of the club activities that involve any interaction with under 18s.

Then there is the poor business decision off Oldham Athletic that has split the fan base and lost valuable commercial sponsors. Didn't they realise that that alone was the reason that Sheffield United dumped him? They might well have rode the storm to retain him as a player, but not at the cost of losing sponsors.

  Al94 22:17 07 Jan 2015

His website puts across his position. Click here

  Forum Editor 23:02 07 Jan 2015


"as stated he is appealing his conviction"

His appeal was refused. What is happening now is that his case is being referred to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. You can't apply to the CCRC until you have already had an appeal refused or dismissed.

The CCRC needs to identify something new that wasn't raised at the original trial, and that the judges at an appeal didn't know about - something that makes the case look significantly different than it was

What should have happened - as has already been stated - is that the FA should have prevented Evans from being signed for a club prior to the CCRC review of the case. Oldham Athletic should have delayed their decision until then. The club has acted disgracefully - making it quite plain that they put money before morals.

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